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What To Wear When It's Anchors Aweigh

What To Wear When It's Anchors Aweigh

You know what's more fun than sailing? (Note: If you just yelled, "Sailors!," then... well, you're right, but this is not that sort of post.) For me, it's dressing up in a nautical look inspired by the seafaring fashions of yesteryear. Wide-legged, high-waisted pants! Navy blue tailored tops with white piping! A jaunty sailor's cap (which I don't have, but wish I did!)

I put this look together after watching a couple of classic movies in which ladies wore wonderful, casual outfits like these to do a little daytime strolling down the deck of a fiance's yacht or a trans-Atlantic cruise ship—because while I may not be able to afford a trans-Atlantic cruise (dang), this stylish silhouette is still within reach. And despite the vintage appeal, all the pieces that make up this outfit were purchased at contemporary clothing stores in the past year or so, which means that this entire ensemble was achieved without subjecting myself to the unpleasantness of itchy wool pants. Yay!

Instead, I made my go-to office-job trousers from Express (remember the famous Editor pants?) pull double duty as the cornerstone of a 1930s-style sailing look, along with a white-trimmed jersey top, a long string of knotted pearls, and retro-style suede heels in a beautiful ocean blue hue. (And then I posed like a ninny while saluting with the wrong hand, but whatever, you can't have everything.)

Head to toe: top, H&M; pants, Express; shoes, Nine West Outlet; jewelry, Marshalls.

And a shoe closeup!

Somebody ring the Captain and let him know that I'm ready to come aboard, would you? Thanks awfully.

How would you style yourself for a classic voyage on the maiden seas?

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