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The Big Fat Lebanese Playlist

The Big Fat Lebanese Playlist

bookweirm sent in this wonderful playlist of Lebanese music. Get ready for a trip around the world! -- Sparkitors

Hey Sparkle-glutei-maximi. Get your translators out; this requires some intense explanation! I present to you the romantic, the danceable, and the songs-with-video clips-that-are-actually-movies-that-I-dunno-what-to-call.

Translations suck because most of the ideas are lost in translation or require some background knowledge in Arab pop culture, so I am just going to let you enjoy hearing the awesome tunes! Put your translators back in your bags...

  1. "Ma Fi Nom (No Sleep)." by Najwa Karam, who has been dubbed as the “sun of the Lebanese song,” Najwa Karam astounds again and again with her folkloric taste in pure awesomeness. This is the first ever song filmed in 3-D in the Arab World. The break dancer was a contestant in the first season of Arab’s Got Talent and Najwa promised him that she’d have him star in one of her video clips after he lost in the semi-finals. Some other popular songs (NOW KNOWN AS CLASSICS) to check out by Najwa are "Idak(Your Hand)""Khallini Shofak Billayl (Let Me See You At Night)," , and "Bil Rouh Bil Dam(Body and Soul)."
  2. “Majnoon” (Crazy) by THE pop star of the Arab world, Ramy Ayach. This song has been topping the charts in the Arab world, and that’s mostly because of the awesome movie video clip. He was the first Arab singer allowed to film in restricted areas in Dubai (like the Dubai Tower). There's another video that has won him a contract for an Egyptian drama/TV series. Ramy is also one of the few people in the Arab music industry to record a duet/ feature someone with him, so here is the 2011 summer hit "Sawa" between him and Maya Diab (a model and TV hostess AND actress as well).
  3. "Arreb Layyeh (Come closer)" by my FAVOURITEST singer ever, Wael Kfoury; this song is his all-time classic that every single Arab person knows. Known for his tres romantic style, Wael Kfoury is the only singer that can disappear for many months without losing his enormous fan base.
  4. "Alawwah (If Only)" by Melhem Zein. Melhem Zein is very introverted and he’s an awkward singer (we love our nerds)! He has an amazing voice but seems (to me) very nervous on stage. This song has lots of drums/percussion instruments, which is part of Lebanese folklore. OH, and if you watch the line dance in the video clip, that’s a cultural Lebanese dance (there are different variations in other countries) that is fun but hard to learn.
  5. "Hayda Mish Ana (This isn’t Me/ I don’t recognize myself)" by The FIRST ARAB ROCKSTAR, Fadi Andrawos, who kinda surprised everyone when he released his first song.  Arabs have now recovered from this culture shock and have decided to see where Fadi is going to go with all this.
  6. "Elghorbeh(Foreign Land)" by Fares Karam: There are no words to define this supermegafoxyawesomehot DUDE... breaking the boundaries of old taboos is his thang, and this guy really knows how to grab attention. He hates going on interviews because apparently he thinks himself too geeky... I wish I could tell him EMBRACE YOUR GEEKINESS, but alas, I can’t. Also check out "Neswanjeh(Womanizer)."
  7. "La Trouhy (Don’t Leave Me)" by Joseph Attieh. Singer of all genres, Joseph makes the romantic romantic-er, the exciting exciting-er, and the awesome awesome-er.  Needless to say, I am in love with his voice and his two new wedding songs "Kil El Deny (The Whole World)" and "Bawwastik (When we Kissed)" are my favorites right now.

What do you think of Lebanese music? Send us your favorite international music at!

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