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The 10 Geekiest Characters On TV

The 10 Geekiest Characters On TV

TV geeks aren't mildly dorky, they're gloriously, wonderfully, unabashedly geeky. They play Dungeons and Dragons while debating the merits of a double-ended light-saber, they fight to the death over proper pronunciation of Game of Thrones characters, they wear awesome T-shirts and ridiculous pants. The camera might add ten pounds, but it definitely adds ten times the nerdiness you find IRL. And that makes our beloved geek characters even better.

1. Willow Rosenburg-Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow is the original TV computer geek; not because she can fix them or build them, but because she can perform basic PC functions. Seriously, her main asset to the demon fighting team in the early years was her unique ability to use a search engine.

2. Bert-Sesame Street: Dude collects paper clips.

3. George Michael Bluth-Arrested Development: Where to begin with the epic list that is George Michael's geek cred? Maybe with his excitement over getting tax software for his birthday? Or the fact that he tries to pick up girls by highlighting his oh-so-sexy punctuality? Or the way he rocks a banana suit?

4. Carlton Banks-The Fresh Prince of Bell Air: This.

5. Abed Nadir-Community: There are a lot of socially-awkward quirks that make Abed seem geeky, but really it's his encyclopedic knowledge of film and his devotion to TV shows great and small (and by small I mean awful—I mean, Cougar Town? Really?) that makes him a media geek. Plus, there's the dreamatorium.

6. Bill Haverchuck-Freaks and Geeks: Not even up for discussion. He's listed under "geeks" in the Wikipedia page.

7. Sheldon Cooper-The Big Bang Theory: Like Abed, it's not Sheldon's difficulty playing with others that makes him geeky, or even his love of science. It's the fact that when he becomes a crazy cat lady, he names the felines after the scientists on the Manhattan Project.

8.  Steve Urkel-Family Matters: He might seem more dork than geek, but Urkel is more than the sum of his suspenders. He built some kind of make-over machine in his basement. That's geeky to the power of ten.

9. RJ Berger-The Hard Times of RJ Berger: His dedication to the computer club, the way jocks equate him with one of those blow-up punching clowns, his variation on a BFF necklace—the list goes on and on.

10. Ted Mosby-How I Met Your Mother: The question is, what truly cements Ted's place in the geek hall of fame: his fan letters to Weird Al, or his tradition of watching the Star Wars trilogy at least once every three years?

Did we forget any important TV geeks?

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