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How to Solve Prom Conflicts

How to Solve Prom Conflicts

When you first start dating someone, you’re worried about little things like your hair, or whether your new SO will laugh at that curveball joke you just threw his way. But then you get comfortable, and little tiffs and minor fights creep in. For example, your SO is gung-ho about prom, but you think it's all kind of dumb. You're going together, but you have different ideas about how you should get there, what group you should go with, and even couple color coordination. Sick of fighting with your SO about stupi details? We've got some tips that will help you make it to prom as a strong couple, instead of barely-together friends-with-benefits.

Prom Fight #1: You’re a laid back dude. On Saturdays, all you want to do is hang out on the couch with a big pizza and watch those episodes of “Eureka’s Castle” you recently downloaded. However, your girl wants to spend the weekends shopping together for color-coordinated prom ensembles that will have the whole school talking. When you consider this offer and respond, "No thanks," the polite term to describe your SO would be DEEPLY UPSET.
Potential Solution: Explain to your date that you'd really like to be surprised by what she wears. Tell her there's an old superstition that grooms shouldn't see the wedding dress before the wedding, and you feel this should apply to prom, too. Tell her when she decides on the color scheme, she should let you know, and you'll shop accordingly. (When the color report comes in, you can hand it over to your mom and have her work her magic.)

Prom Fight #2: Your boyfriend wants to take a limo in a group of his friends, and go to the lakehouse after party. While you like his buddies, you were thinking it might be kind of romantic to get a limo for just you two, and spend alone time together after the prom—maybe go midnight bowling and later light some candles. You don't understand why your BF isn't into your schmexy plans.
Potential Solution: Try to be more understanding. Prom is a great group experience. While you generally like to avoid the bigger groups, remember that when your SO convinces you to step outside your comfort zone and do something different, you usually do end up enjoying it. You'll have fun with his friends listening to bad rap music in the limo. And after prom, you'll play games and stay up all night together. You may even bond with some bros.

Prom Fight #3: You had a bad experience at junior prom last year and are feeling a bit nervous. Your SO is having a hard time understanding why you're so anxious about dancing and having fun!
Potential Solution: If it’s social anxiety that is plaguing you, just tell your date that. If you went to prom before and vowed never to be caught dead there again after the prom king depantsed you on the dance floor, show her the photos. Try to make her see your point of view, so you can grow closer , and so she gets why you feel this way. Once your SO understands where you're coming from, she might just drop the campaign for you to be crowned Prom King and let you enjoy the dance (at least some of it) from the sidelines.

Lastly, fight fair: Remember, it's normal to disagree and get mad at someone you care about. What's important is how you deal with the situation in the moment. Stay calm, don't be mean, and when the fight is over, apologize. Make sure both parties understand the other person's point of view. Try to not let foolish little prom disagreements knock down the crazy Jenga tower of love you guys have worked on for months. If there is any unresolved tension, our recommendation is to wrestle or kiss it out.

Have you ever gotten in a fight about prom? How did you solve it?

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