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Ask a Teacher: Do You Subconsciously Flirt with Students

Ask a Teacher: Do You Subconsciously Flirt with Students

Q. Do you subconsciously flirt with students?

A. I thought it would be interesting to ask some other teachers their thoughts on this topic. I asked five teachers what their immediate response would be upon asking the question “do you subconsciously flirt with a student, or have you ever noticed you’ve done it in the past, even if it’s subconscious?” Here is what they said:

“It is impossible to know what you’re doing subconsciously because that’s why it’s called your subconscious. Even still, I’ve never thought about it, not even close.”

“Ew, gross, that’s like flirting with my daughter. I do realize we are talking about our subconscious, but I put up a wall with my students so that the romantic aspect of my life is completely, totally, and utterly shut out.”

“Oh god no! It kind of makes my skin crawl. Inappropriate! I get so uncomfortable when students flirt with me!”

“Being friendly with a student may be misconstrued as flirting, but that’s not what’s happening in reality. As teachers, there are students we are more friendly with for various reasons. This is not flirting.”

“Well I think that people charm one another, and people in general flirt with one another. I think of flirting as a playfulness not necessarily having to do with sexual or romantic intention. Flirting has a broad definition. Within a romantic sense, no. (Laughs) I like older men.”

I understand that there are different ideas of what it means to “flirt” with someone. I define flirting as being coy and suggestive with another person that you are romantically interested in. According to said definition, I absolutely do not flirt with students, even subconsciously.

What the teachers above and myself are trying to say is that we don’t see our students as romantic possibilities in any way, shape, or form. Teachers get into the profession to educate children, and with that mindset automatically comes a professional, parent-like wall. Our role is solely to teach you, help mold your intellect, and try to help you grow into responsible adults. Even in the deep recesses of our brains, we do not see students as any type of romantic possibility. For any of you hopefuls out there, once again, sorry! Teachers are off limits.

Do you have any flirty teachers in your school?

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