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20 Nice Yo Mama Jokes For Yo Mama

20 Nice Yo Mama Jokes For Yo Mama

Yo mama jokes are sometimes funny, but often mean, usually referencing a mother's weight problem or less-than-perfect facial structure. Slap these ones on the Mother's Day card this year, though, because they are funny and nice.

Yo mama so trendy, she makes mom jeans look good.

Yo mama so sweet, when she serves you Shredded Wheat for breakfast, you feel like you're eating Frosted Mini Wheats.

Yo mama so fly, the birds are like, "dang girl stop making us look bad."

Yo mama is such a good baker, her chocolate chip cookies don't even exist—the neighborhood kids gobble 'em down before they're even baked.

Yo mama so funny, she wrote a blog post for SparkLife and nobody even gotttt ittttt.

Yo mama so bookish, she uses mini books as bookmarks.

Yo mama so good at sewing, she sewed a car-shaped pillow and people tried to drive it.

Yo mama so good at getting stains off your face, last time she wiped away spaghetti sauce it got terrified and never came back.

Yo mama so good at plumbing, when she fixes the toilet she rigs it to wash the dishes, too.

Yo mama so beautiful, her pic is in the dictionary under "beautiful"—and she's not even having a good hair day.

Yo mama such a good dancer, when she dances oh brother she's a hurricane in all kind of weather.

Yo mama so sweet, when she goes to the candy shop the owner says "dang girl stop making us look bad."

Yo mama so smart, she figured out where all the UFOs live but was smart enough not to tell us because she knows someone would probably try to kill them. (Yo mama also super nice.)

Yo mama such a good driver, when she pulls up to the McDonald's drive-thru they ask her if she's filming a car commercial.

Yo mama smells so good, when she farts Jews and Christians thank God, Muslims thank Muhammad, and everyone else thanks Oprah.

Yo mama so baller, when you look up baller in the dictionary it says: Yo Mama.

Yo mama so beautiful, she was the inspiration for 90% of John Mayer songs.

Yo mama so popular, whenever she tweets her reteeets are so voluminous they shut down Twitter.

Yo mama so athletic, she accidentally stumbled upon the Olympic games and won a medal in everything. (Not gold in archery, just silver. But it's because she didn't have the right equipment.)

Yo mama so fresh, when she goes to the bank they say, "did you just step out of a Ziploc bag?"

What is yo mama like?

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