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10 Miniature Golf Courses We'd Love to Play

10 Miniature Golf Courses We'd Love to Play

The Royal Ryan Gosling: Tee off from Ryan's bare chest for a par 2, then save a female journalist from a taxi as you tackle the dogleg. Putt the final hole in the rain, crying.

Conspiracy Theory Cove: Stare down a par 3 through concentric crop circles and perfect your short game through Lee Harvey Oswald's gunshot wound, before tapping the ball into fluoridated water for the finish.

Tumblr Miniature Golf Resort and Spa: Tee off on hole 1 of a matrix. Never find your ball again.

Parkour National: Chip your ball off the wall, up a wheelchair ramp and off the roof for the first point, careful not to break any bones. Plank your ball atop a telephone pole to bring home the bacon.

Library Hills: Angle your swing around The Fountainhead to avoid a lengthy detour through the rough, then angle the ball under the splayed pages of To Kill a Mockingbird. Chip through Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and return to the clubhouse.

Puberty Beach: Select a wood to putt gently off from the pituitary gland, down hormone strait and through the cave of insecurity. Accelerate into a growth spurt to reach the green. Drop your voice an octave as you congratulate your opponent on a good game.

The Mono Club: Moon about the house in pajamas while you have your mom complete the course for you.

Driving Lessons Landing: Attempt a calculated tee-off, but instead hit a Volkswagon.

The SparkLife Invitational: As you concentrate on teeing off, remember: one big BAM is all you need.

What mini golf courses would you love to play?

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