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Hayden Panettiere Talks Prom, Harry Potter, and Her Geekiest Habit!

Hayden Panettiere Talks Prom, Harry Potter, and Her Geekiest Habit!

Our incredible pals at never cease to amaze us; first they took on bullies with the  kick-ass Bully Project, and now they're bringing prom to the masses with Prom for All, an amazing campaign that lets YOU donate your old prom dress to a teen girl who can't afford one. You can learn all about the campaign and set up a dress drive at your school by clicking right here! The gorgeous, goofy Hayden Panettiere (you probably know her as the badass cheerleader from Heroes) is the campaign spokesmodel, and she recently answered some of our questions; watch the vid below to hear her dish on everything from prom prep to her favorite book (hint: the latter involves a certain young wizard who we would very much like to marry)!

Isn't Hayden AWESOME? She loves Harry Potter! She sniffs her upper lip! And man, we would kill for her hair. If you want to spread some prom love, click HERE to start a dress drive at your school!

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