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Are These Animals Real or Fake? Guess.

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Are These Animals Real or Fake? Guess.

1. Rascal

2. Potato owl

3. Cuscus

4. Liger

5. Tiglon

6. Three-toed snake

7. Jackalobe

8. Jackalope

9. Bleeding-tooth muskrat

10. Skate

11. Ghost walrus

12. Reverse cheetah

13. Whooping shark

14. Gulper eel

15. Goblin shark

16. Aquatic candor

17. Dragon

18. Dragonfish

19. Dragonfly

20. Dragondog

21. Hornless unicorn



1. fake 2. fake 3. real 4. real 5. real 6. fake 7. fake 8. real 9. fake 10. real 11. fake 12. fake 13. fake 14. real 15. real 16. fake 17. fake 18. real 19. real 20. fake 21. If you answered "real," you probably believe a hornless unicorn is a horse—which is not true. A unicorn also has glitter instead of brains, which is a difference many people forget about. If you said "fake," you are wrong, because sometimes unicorns get their horns cut off by humans, who put the extracts in lipstick. This does not kill them, but does damage their self-esteem. However, we'll accept both answers, as unicorns are not real anyway, and we are making quite big fools of ourselves for typing all of this.

How'd you do?

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