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Spring Cleaning: Edit Your Closet

Spring Cleaning: Edit Your Closet

There’s an old spring adage that says, “Be a good little flower and look to the sun. Then, go clean your closet, or else your mom may make you do something even worse.”

Spring is the perfect time to reconfigure and de-clutter your closet. That way, when you add a few new purchases from your first spring/summer shopping sesh, you'll actually be able to find them when you want to wear them out and reel in your spring fling. Follow these other spring cleaning mottos and you'll have an organized wardrobe in no time:

If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. Is there a shirt you love in theory, but every time you try it on, you realize it's too tight across the chest, causing you to peel it off, hang it back up, and look for something else? If, so it’s time to say goodbye. Do you have a pair of jeans from your 8th grade track star days that you're trying to fit back into? It's fine to have weight loss goals, but take the clothes that no longer fit you and at least relocate them. Box them up and put them in the crawlspace so that you don’t have to work around them every day. Or just go ahead and donate them/sell them online—you can reward yourself with new clothes when you lose weight. Your closet should only contain what you actually wear and actually love, RIGHT NOW.

If it’s single, stop letting it mingle. While going through your stuff, make a pile of things that come in pairs: shoes, socks, gloves, slippers, etc. If you discover that some of these items have lost their “friend,” throw them out. “A shoe without its mate can’t be worn out on a date,” Albert Einstein once said (we're pretty sure). If an accessory can no longer can serve its original function, it’s not worth saving.

If you have more than a few, toss two. Do you have drawer full of black undershirts to wear under sweaters? Is your hoody collection now taking up your entire dresser? Do you have more pairs of puppy pajama pants than you can count on one hand? If so, it looks like you’re practicing some slight hoarding behavior.

Once you realize you have too many of one item, weed out the undershirts that are pilly and look 10 years old. If there's one undershirt you must keep around for sentimental reasons, add it to your mementos collection in the basement. Don't let it sit in your drawer and distract you from your daily mission of putting together a decent outfit.

Make a pile to make someone else smile. There are probably clothes in your closet that you don’t like because they're no longer your style, or their color doesn't flatter you. Still, these clothes are only gently used and would probably look great on someone else. Donating these kinds of items to a friend or Goodwill is a great idea. One girl’s trash is another chica’s treasure. Even though you now think that Daisy Fuentes shirt from Kohl’s is in bad taste, some girl will die of happiness when she finds it for cheap in a thrift store. Alternatively, take your clothes to a consignment shop to make a little extra cash. Whatever you do, don’t just throw out the goods, donate them—someone is always in need.

Now that you have less, clean up the mess. After you have substantially cut down on your stuff, it's time for the fun part—borderline obsessive organizing! If you keep a positive outlook and turn on some funky tunes, this can even be FUN! Arrange your shirts in an order that makes sense for you—rainbow, for example. You could also opt to group similar items together: tanks, then short sleeves, then sweaters, and finally blazers. Arranging your stuff from light to dark is another tactic that screams feng shui. Create a system that works for you. If you have room, hang up your jeans and other pants—this will keep them from getting wrinkled and will allow you to find them easily. To take obsessive to a new level, go through your hangers and discard any cheapies from the cleaners, or randomly sized ones. Then, make sure all of your hangers are facing the same way.

For drawers, refold everything and make sure the items inside them make sense together. Keep sweaters together and don’t let a random tank top creep in where it’s not supposed to, or CHAOS WILL ENSUE. Stack your shoes neatly on shelves, or buy a rack. Feeling extra crafty? Hang up some hooks in your closet to store purses and hang scarves, belts, and other accessories.

What other rules do you have for spring cleaning? How do you keep your closet organized? Share your HGTV-ish thoughts below.

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