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Limericks About High School Life

Limericks About High School Life

In honor of National Poetry Month, please enjoy the following limmies about being a teen:

My homework has just been beset

by the memes on the Internets

There's a panda that sneezes...

But then my comp freezes!

And I'm stuck with some math I don't get.


"I think you are truly the bomb

so will you go with me to prom?

I'll wear a tuxedo

And control my libido"

"I will! Let me check with my mom!"


There once was a young boy named Bieber

who gave all the young ladies fever

Small pox it was not,

they just thought he was hot,

with that hair like a golden retriever.


My friend found a dinosaur bone

and took up his brand new smart phone.

He made a Twitter to say

all the bone did that day,

and now he is always alone.


"OMG I just got a new mac!

It fits right inside my back pack."

"Well just watch out for breezes

cause Apple Care freezes

when glasses of water attack!"


On Monday I ran late for class

so I lied just to cover my tracks

My locker was stuck

and I cursed, "Just my luck!"

And my teacher said, "Oh, you're so crass!"


Lady Gaga she can't do wrong

looks the same wearing slacks as in thongs.

After every new bender

she changes her gender,

but at least she still writes her own songs.

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