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Alternative Ways to Get to Prom (In Style)

Alternative Ways to Get to Prom (In Style)

Limos are sooooo overdone, right? We are SO right. Seriously, who wants to ride in a classy, comfortably humongous car, complete with minifridge and a karaoke machine? No one cool, that's who. Instead, try one of these alternative methods!

  • The Unicycle: This is basically classic. Not only will you look fun and eccentric—you'll also look extraordinarily coordinated! The only downside is, well, it's kind of a one-seater. Guess you're going stag!
  • The Llama: If you're looking to draw attention to yourself, this is the way to go. Besides, llamas are cute and fuzzy! Of course, they also spit sometimes, so you may want to watch out for that extra hairspray, if you know what we mean.
  • The Segway: There's nothing more romantic than forcing your date to wrap his/her arms around you as you fly down the open road. Of course, in a segway you'll really be crawling, but hey! Technicalities. Just make sure you leave an hour early for travel time.
  • Horse-drawn Carriage: This is romantic, comfortable, and makes a great photo-op. However, you'll want to wear extra perfume to hide that manure smell, and watch out for any stray animal rights' activists—these things are a magnet for them!
  • Piggy-back ride: If your date is a brawny, muscled specimen, this method of transportation will totally impress your friends (in a cave-man-like way). And if you don't have a date...well, that's what little siblings are for, right?
  • Hang-glider: Maybe it's just us, but are hang-gliders not the most awesome thing in the world? It's like being a flying squirrel! The drawback: you'll be suspended in mid-air, so you might want to make sure you're not wearing your princess undies under your ball gown. Or worse, your invisible undies.
  • Elephant: This is the perfect thing if you're prom is Indian-themed. The only problem is where are you going to park the dang thing?
  • Hot Air Balloon: Not only is this the ideal method of non-revealing air transportation, it will also give you a nice, quiet time to make out with converse with your date. Be wary of wind, though—you wouldn't want to wind up at prom in the next state over, after all.
  • Canoe: Fear not! This is not as impractical as it sounds. All you have to do is attach your canoe to a couple of skateboards and roll yourself to prom. Either that, or hire minions to carry you to prom in your canoe.
  • Hoverboard: It's stylish, it's classy, and it's totally smooth. The only problem? It hasn't been invented yet.

How would you like to arrive at prom? (Hint: Limo is not an option.)

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