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How Can You Tell if a Guy Likes You?

How Can You Tell if a Guy Likes You?

We always thought guys ignored us on purpose...turns out, they're probably just oblivious. Thanks Faye! Sparkitors

How do you know if a guy likes you? That’s the question every girl wants the answer to. Now Sparklers, listen closely because I’m about to reveal the answer. Are you ready for this? You sure? Okay, here it goes.

Any female member of the population will tell you that there are “signs” that indicate a guy is interested. A guy may like you if he exhibits any or all of the following signs:

  • He looks at you a certain way (you know, THAT way).
  • He’s really nice to you.
  • He’s really mean to you.
  • He acts nervous around you (alternatively, this could be a sign he's plotting something).
  • He buys you a gift.
  • He treats you differently than he treats other girls.
  • He’s touchy-feely with you.
  • He tells you you’re pretty.
  • He teases you.
  • He stands outside your dorm room window with his iPod speakers playing that song from that movie that you watched half of that one time because it was the only thing on TV at 2 in the morning. You know the one I’m talking about.

Obviously, there’s a lot of ambiguity with these signs. For example, Tommy Pickles was a total jerk and stole my pen caps every day in the 7th grade because he liked me. Chuckie was a total jerk and acted like he didn’t know me at the end of senior year because he was a total jerk.

And just to mess with your minds more, how do you know if a guy is showing these signs because he likes you, or you’re seeing these signs because you want him to like you? (It’s sort of like Inception. There’s a slight possibility that I’m dreaming right now and when I wake up I’m going to be married to Joseph Gordon Levitt. Hey, a girl can dream within a dream, right?)

College Dating Rule #5: There are no signs.
As much as I wish there were 100% accurate, foolproof signs that show whether or not a guy is into you, there just aren’t. All guys are different, and that means every guy has different signs. The bubbly guy in your Latin class who’s being really nice to you? That’s just the way he is. Your close guy friend who listens to you blather on about the guy in your Latin class? He might like you.

The cool thing about having a boyfriend is being able to finally get his side of the story. Ash had no idea I liked him way back when, even though I thought I was being pretty obvious. In fact, guys misinterpret signs just as much as girls do. Like, Ash started thinking I liked him because I always nudged up against him in Chemistry. Except, I don’t remember doing that, and if I did, it definitely wasn’t intentional. I got a lot of stuff wrong, too. Back when a big group of us went to the amusement park, I thought Ash’s decision to go off with the other half of the group meant he didn’t like me... but it actually just meant that he wanted to ride the rollercoaster instead of buying French fries.

And now for an Ash Update!
Despite me having a cold last weekend, and finals being less than a week away (now is a good time to panic), Ash and I have still found time to be adorable. Last Friday, we checked out the City Outlook—a very romantic spot—which was fun because I leaned over the railing and Ash stayed as far away from the edge as possible because he’s terrified of heights. Then we ate some Greek food, came back to the dorm and cuddled while starting up our Pokemon Red and Blue versions. Right now in the game, I’ve got a Charmander named Mr. Cuddles and a Magikarp named Floppy. Life is good.

Couple Crush of the Week
Time for some Sparkler contribution! Comment with a story about the cutest couple you know. I better be oozing “Awws” after reading all these!

I have one more week of Freshman year! Everybody panic!

Faye :)

What's your favorite cute couple story?

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