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What Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster Says About You

The Amazing Spiderman

If you can't wait to see Spiderman, you...

Are definitely not afraid of heights. In fact, you spend much of your free time hurling yourself off rooftops and into large vats of Nutella, an activity which is both fun and delicious. You've got mad skillz in the classroom and in the science lab, and you also look irresistibly attractive in homemade unitard. You're basically the perfect catch (except for that whole radioactive spider-bite thing).

Your personal mantra: "With great power comes great re-spider-bility. Get it? No? Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have gotten fancy with the puns."

Your special skills: Web-slingin', looking fly in hipster glasses, solving impossibly complicated mathematical equations, and karaoke (especially anything by Celine Dion. You KILL at "My Heart Will Go On").
Release date: July 3
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