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What to Wear When You Don't Feel Like Getting Dressed

What to Wear When You Don't Feel Like Getting Dressed

Confession: I really, really didn't want to get dressed-with-a-capital-D today. I was kicking around in complete schlubby comfort, drinking coffee on my couch, wearing soft clothes and harboring no intentions of even being seen by anybody except my cat and dog. Who, of course, cannot judge me for my personal style choices considering that they are both naked, ALL THE TIME, the exhibitionists.

But then, I got a text message from my friend Edward, who said that he'd just gotten a seriously bad-ass new kite, and he was going to fly it in the park, and did I want to come. And I did! I love kites! Except... I, um, still didn't want to get Dressed? Which is why it's a good thing that I was already wearing the Shirt Of Illusions, which creates the convincing impression that the one wearing it is Dressed even if that person is, in fact, not Dressed at all!

Okay, so the folks over at aerie call this a "striped long T," but that's only because "Shirt of Illusions" sounds like a Clive Barker spinoff. But it is—and I am not kidding—a GOOD FIND. As in, the perfect thing to throw over a pair of leggings and some tall boots. The sleeves are fitted for comfortable layering, the back is long enough to completely cover your butt, and the fabric is so soft that it feels like pajamas. Add a necklace and a swipe of lipstick, and people will think you put actual thought into what you were wearing. HA! Those fools!

Head to toe: shirt, aerie; leggings, American Apparel; boots, Nine West; jewelry, Buffalo Exchange.

Added bonus: the Shirt Of Illusions is currently on sale for about $15, which means you, too, can indulge in total fashion laziness while still enjoying the freedom to leave your house looking reasonably stylish. (Note: Don't size down expecting a slimmer fit—I'm wearing an extra-small, and it's like a tent. In the best possible way.)

Also, psssst: American Eagle and aerie are having a pretty good sale on right now! Especially on spring sweaters and swimsuits. I bet one of you would look super-cute in this.

Do you have any super-comfortable clothes that are still fit for public appearances? Share your favorites in the comments!

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