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Worst Things to Say After You Kiss Someone

Worst Things to Say After You Kiss Someone

Every moment leading up to a first kiss is wrought with tension and anxiety. What if they push me away? What if I’m bad at it? What if it’s the wrong time?

But then, the magic moment happens. You kiss, and it’s amazing! Then, as you back away, staring into your SO’s eyes, your mind suddenly goes blank. You never thought about what to do AFTER the kiss, did you!?

Fear not, friends. We have compiled a list of the worst things to say after you kiss someone. As long as you stay away from any of these, you should be fine:

- Your lips are like two wet, miniature Twinkies.
- You love Indian food too?
- Man, you should see a dentist.
- I just ate your soul.
- Your pores look like UFOs from close up.
- Well, time for me to get back to cleaning my gun collection.
- Could you taste my mouth rash?
- You just won me a $50 bet!
- Can I interest you in a fake Rolex?
- I can’t wait to show you my coffin.
- You’d never know I brush my teeth with my feet, right?
- Can we do that again, only in reverse?

Any more?

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