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The Best Things About Holy Musical, B@man!

The Best Things About Holy Musical, B@man!

Hey, all you Starkids! Yeah, you, who love A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and Starship, and have sort of mixed feelings about Me and My Dick. (Dan Bergstein, you may wait outside.) Have you seen Starkid’s latest amazing thing, Holy Musical, B@man? If not, please watch it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Wasn’t it amazing? All right, now that you’re all caught up, let’s gush. Here are just a few highlights from the show, in no particular order:

-First, the awesome intro, narrated by Dylan Saunders’ sexy voice and backed up by Joe Walker’s karate moves/interpretive dance/random hand motions.

-Chris Allen (no, not the American Idol one, silly, the BETTER one) and his dead-on Michael Caine impression.

-New cast member Jeff Blim, whose villain, Sweet Tooth, is like Jim Carrey after nine bottles of Five-Hour Energy and way too many SweetTarts (which, yes, is a compliment).

-Nick Lang as Robin, who makes you laugh and then laugh-cringe and then laugh even more hysterically. I mean, just look at those skinny legs about two minutes in. Mesmerizing. He is a brave man to be the only hero not even wearing, at the very least, tights. Which reminds me…

-Joe Walker in tights.

-Brian Holden in tights.

-The puns. Oh, the puns. So many. So bad. Yet so good. Not to mention all the lame villain themes that make those puns possible.

-The Song “To Be a Man”: So full of weird sexual tension and fighting that turns from epic to embarrassing and back again.

-The Song “The American Way”: “That’s the American/Not quite Canadian/Most of us are Mexican/American Way!”

-You know what, all the songs. And the whole synth-y soundtrack. Very nice.

-Brian Holden “flying.” (Three and a half minutes in).

-Two-Face, the villain stuck with the lamest theme: two things. “What are you gonna do, rob the Second National Bank of all its two dollar bills?” “Yeah, on February 2nd!”

And since there are a lot of things to love about Joe Walker’s Batman, here’s a separate section for some of them:

-The outfit. That man should wear spandex all the time.

-His slightly startling, completely impressive high-pitched scream after being called a butthead.

-The fact that everything is funnier in a Batman voice. “Batman loves the circus.”

-His epic motivational speech at the end. Which I won’t spoil, but it’s pretty awesome.

-The way he says “mama” and “pa-pa” every single time.

-His weird tendency to spank people. Seriously. It happens a lot.

-The realization that he actually has a very nice voice, when he’s not being Voldemort.

And finally, here is my one complaint:

-All those candy references and not one mention of Red Vines? Come on, you guys.

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Have you watched Holy Musical, B@man yet? Did you love it?

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