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Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

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Game Shows That Never Made It To Television

Burp That Tune: Each contestant will chug a bottle of Pepsi, select a card with a song, then attempt to burp that tune. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest with musical accompaniment by Slash!

Who Wants To Shave a Bear?: Choose your clippers and get in the cage! It’s “Who Wants To Shave a Bear?” where you get the chance to really show your guts AND stupidity. After a furious round of trivia questions contestants will go one on one with real grizzly bear and try to shave it for…ONE MILLION DOLLARS (or survival)!

Jumping Into Walls For No Reason: Why are all these people jumping into walls??? No reason!! There’s brick walls, glass walls, plaster walls, aluminum walls, all your favorites! And people are jumping through them! For no reason AT ALL!!

Poison or No Poison: In this action-packed game show contestants will be locked up in a chamber where they will taste mystery foods, breathe mystery airs, and be paired with mystery animals. Some will be poisonous! Some won’t! It’s up to them to figure it out!

Montana Scavenger Hunt: It’s the most exciting scavenger hunt in the least exciting state! Four teams will be set loose in Montana for no reason! They will look for things that don’t exist! They might not do anything at all! Tune in!

Guess Who Farted: The popular college game finally makes it to television! Three contestants will battle it out for fart supremacy as a parade of Butt Maestros conduct their own symphonies. Think you got what it takes to identify the culprit???

Clown Bowling: Line up those clowns and launch that bowling ball! It’s all the excitement of bowling, but with clowns for pins. How many can you knock down???

Who’s Sitting On Me?: Your favorite celebrities will plop down on the backs of contestants as they guess who is sitting on them. I would hate to be the person who has to guess John Goodman! Tune in!

Abraham Lincoln Scrambled Eggs: What does this even mean? Who knows??? Tune in to find out!!

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