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Meet Prometheus's Creepiest Character: David

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Meet Prometheus's Creepiest Character: David

Do you become a quivering mass of anticipation whenever you hear ANYTHING about the new Alien prequel, Prometheus?! No? Just me?

Well, quivering mass or not, this is going to be one of the scariest, creepiest, and awesomest blockbusters of the summer. And to add to the creepy, the Prometheus team has started releasing some viral videos to whet our collective appetites and reintroduce us to Ridley Scott’s futuristic landscape.

Ready for your skin to crawl? Good:

After running to the shower to quickly wash the “yikes” off of me, I had these thoughts:

- Did you jump out of your skin when “David” moved in his packing peanuts? Yeah.
- He’s like Siri. Except he actually works.
- How is it that David looking at a flower is creepier than him saying “unethical?”
- And how is it that David crying is even CREEPIER?
- I want to hug him and unplug him at the same time.
- And yeah… the really dark part of me wants to see an alien jump out of his stomach.

Ridley has set the bar, my friends. This is going to be the feel-ick movie of the summer!

Are you psyched for Prometheus?

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