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Adding Flair to Your Prom Tux Without Looking Like a Clown

Adding Flair to Your Prom Tux Without Looking Like a Clown

Getting fancy is fun, but it’s a lot easier for the ladies. Girls can add a tiara, paint their nails with glitter, or wear colorful high heels. Guys? They put on a tux and… that’s about it. Without getting into a discussion about gender norms, we’ll assume most of ya’ll aren’t planning on breaking out the glitter dust for prom.

Never fear! There are so many more things you can do—all without looking silly.

Find an excellent tie. Ties can be really expensive, but plenty of places have cool ties on the cheap. Check out designer discount stores like Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, and TJ Maxx for deals. Cool ties by Ben Sherman and Tommy Hilfiger often end up at these stores, or you can check out Etsy.

Or, find an excellent bowtie. Bowties are the overlooked neckwear option, but they’re making a major comeback. If you’re feeling confident, we suggest this amazing polka-dot version. Otherwise, this yellow version has a slightly more subtle flair.

Think about your shoes. Someone sometime said, “Shoes make the man.” This is definitely not true, but it might help your game if you paid a little more attention to them. Dress shoes can get expensive, so think about going sporty, like these neon yellow Vans, or preppy with something like these pop-of-neon Sperry boat shoes. Bonus: you can wear these outside the prom setting, plus the pictures will look great.

Get a manicure. Manis and pedis aren’t just for women. You guys can also spruce up your nails, get a hand massage, and relax in the ridiculousness of prom-related grooming. Bring a friend, and schedule a game of basketball afterwards if you need it.

Sock it to yourself. Men have been adding subtle flair to their suits with socks for ages. I bet even Don Draper added flair with some manly striped ones. A lot of stores have a great selection of crazy and not-so-crazy socks—show your personality with socks from stores like Banana Republic, J. Crew, or Urban Outfitters.

Skivvies. If you’re feeling too timid for these options, or are running low on cash, you can show yourself some flair with funky underwear, like these Panda Boxer Briefs.

Boutonniere it up. Girls get flowers for their wrists—why don’t you sport one too? See if your local florist can match your new funky tie (or undies) to add some extra-extra flair. Cool ideas to take to the florist include this lime-green flower, this modern design, or this fun feather.

Flaunt your middle. The last great accessory? A belt. Usually men don’t wear very exciting belts with suits, but fortunately, you are not a businessman, and thus can do whatever you want. Pick something that shows your personality, like this Flash belt buckle, or one that matches your new, flair-worthy socks.

Check out Pinterest. Girls love Pinterest, and you should too. Pinterest has a category for men's fashion, where you can get tons more cool ideas for adding flair to your prom and everyday wardrobe.

Add as little or as much flair as you’d like—prom does not need to be a super serious, super formal event. You’re there to have a good time, and so is everyone else. Wear something you like and feel (at least a little) comfortable in… then forget everyone else and dance your pants off. Hopefully figuratively.

Will you be adding any flair to your monkey suit? How do you show your personality through fashion?

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