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The Worst Things to Say Right Before You Kiss Someone

The Worst Things to Say Right Before You Kiss Someone

By SparkLife

Have you ever wondered what you're supposed to say in those beautiful, romantic moments right before you lean in for a kiss? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Maybe a simple, subtle "Yeehaw!" We sure don't know what the right answer is, but we've definitely established that there's a wrong one—in fact, there are many. Below are just a few of the things you should never, ever say while you're gearing up for some lip-on-lip contact.

I have a rotting flesh disease, but it only affects my gums.

Could you put on these earmuffs real quick?

So...shall we get this mouth-wagon a'rollin'?

I want to feel your baby teeth on my baby teeth.

None of those rumors about me having rabies were true.

Sometimes I get really aggressive nosebleeds.

I named my tongue Jacques Cousteau.

I'm allergic to dead skin cells—just wanted to put that out there.

You know what's a neat word? "Phlegm."

Would you mind holding this picture of my mother in front of your face?

I'm going to keep my eyes open, because every time I close them I feel like I'm covered in spiders.

Let's play "Dead Body."

Why is there so much hair in my mouth? Whose hair is this, even?!

I want to eat your eyes like raisins.

Get ready for a mouth-rocking like you've never experienced.

What else should you REALLY not say before goin' in for a kiss? We bet you guys can think of some GOOD ones.

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