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What's in My Makeup Bag

What's in My Makeup Bag

It's Makeup Week! And because I am a beauty lover and makeup hoarder, I’ve picked some of my favorite products to share with you.

MAC Paint Pot: This stuff is art for your eyes, so have fun experimenting with it. I use this creamy eye shadow for the base of many of my looks. Like I would if I were working with a basic primer, I use a brush to spread this all over my entire eyelid. Since it’s sparkly and pretty, I could almost wear it alone, but I choose to doctor it up. By sweeping light pink eye shadow on top, I have a great daytime look. For a sultry night style, I add darker hues. Because this is a wet and sticky shadow, color shows up very vividly after coating on top, so play around and see what kind of color combinations work for you! It’s super easy to use, and when you top with different shadows, it looks dynamic and vibrant. This gunk is super long lasting, so it’s great if you plan on being out late or are going to be dancin’ queen.

Eye Shadow Palette: I generally buy my eye shadow in palette form since they are so easy to keep in your purse and work wonderfully for traveling too. I usually wear the colors together, since the brand pre-selects them to work together, which makes your makeup application pretty mindless. You can see my favorite palette in the picture above—these colors are what I wear almost daily (and they look great with the paint pot too!) You can get custom palettes made by MAC and many other name brands. Otherwise, there are tons of choices at Sephora. Hint: There are usually great deals on these around Christmas, and the beginning of each new season.

White Eye Shadow: This is my favorite beauty secret. Even if I am wearing very little makeup, I always use a slightly shimmery white shadow to highlight my eyes. This gives you a fresh, polished look and brings out your natural beauty. I sweep this right under my eyebrows to trace my arch and dab in the corner of my eye—you can even use a fingertip to do that. Bright eyes are always a great feature! Get a drug store brand to save cash—just pick something that is light and shiny, but not glittery.

DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation: This foundation is one of my must-haves because it has an airbrush effect, which really makes you look radiant. It smoothes out your skin and evens out the color and tone. I like this foundation because it is very light. People will compliment your skin when you wear this, thinking it is 100% naturally gorgeous. To apply, just spray the foundation on a foundation brush and sweep gently across your face. It's a pricey item, so I don't wear it every day. Instead, I save it for when I want to look extra naturally beautiful. I’d suggest asking for gift certificates for your birthday and other holidays to spend on this splurge item.

Olay’s Active Hydrating Cream: Many people have been using Olay forever, as it is a classic staple beauty product. When I first got interested in skin care, my mom suggested I try this because it’s inexpensive, but at the same time a great product. This is my favorite moisturizer since it feels light and luxurious. And it never makes skin look or feel greasy. Best of all, it comes out of a pot, which makes it easier to apply. You should moisturize every day; it will make your skin beautiful into your old age.

Skin Flash Radiance Booster Pen: Think of this as a highlighter—for your face! I use this concealer around my eyes to make that area look bright. Even when young, you can fall victim to “dark circles” under your eyes. Or if you are like me, you just have a purplish skin tone in that area. This pen really masks that. Use it after applying your makeup to cover anything that falls on to your face. You can also dab a bit in the corners of your eyes, to make yourself look more lively. This stuff works beautifully for spot imperfections, too—like that huge zit between your eyebrows that comes back every time of the month.

Lip balm: While Chapstick is definitely not the most glamorous beauty product, I apply it every morning to keep my lips smooth and soft (for all the kissing I do). I keep one in my bag and one at my desk, so that I always have it handy. Neutrogena makes a mean one, too!

Hey girls, what beauty products do you keep in your locker, purse, or gym bag? What stuff do you love right now? Please share with us below!

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