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Victoria Justice Answers Our Questions About Bullying, Books, and More!

Victoria Justice Answers Our Questions About Bullying, Books, and More!

By now, all of you butts should be well-aware of the insanely awesome Bully Project, which lets you take a stand against bullying just by filling out a Facebook quiz. If you haven't taken the quiz yet (and you don't have the excuse of being home-schooled or Facebook-less), then STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING—even if you are seconds away from winning first place at the Ham-Eating World Championships or on the brink of asking Rupert Grint to prom via an elaborate Skype dance routine—and GO TAKE IT. RIGHT NOW. I'M NOT KIDDING AROUND. 10 minutes of your time and a few clicks of your mouse could literally change, and maybe even save, the life of a bullied teen—and if you need further convincing that bullying is a serious and sometimes fatal problem in US high schools, just click here.

OKAY, now that that's out of the way (don't pout—second place in the Ham-Eating World Championships is still an entirely respectable accomplishment), let's move on to this super-fantastic video interview that our compadres at conducted with the beautiful, brainy, and endearingly goofy Victoria Justice, the celebrity spokeswoman for The Bully Project. In it, she answers four of my questions—and also totally takes a top spot on my current Girl Crush list (right next to Jennifer Lawrence and Dan Bergstein). Press play and prepare to be bowled over by just how genuinely awesome this girl is—I can already hear you squeeing in agreement when she talks about her geekiest trait and her favorite book!

*Just in case you can't hear 'em, here are the questions:
1. What advice would you give to a teen who's being bullied at school?
2. How can the average teen take a stand against bullying?
3. What's your geekiest habit or trait?
4. What's your all-time favorite book?

Doesn't Victoria seem awesome and geeky and smart?! She'd totally fit in here on SparkLife. Have any of you taken the Facebook quiz yet? How did your school score?

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