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Lucero's Makeup Evolution

Lucero's Makeup Evolution

In honor of makeup week, Lucero—our resident makeup specialist—tells us how she got started in the world of cosmetics. —Sparkitors

My makeup story doesn’t have a very creative, or inspirational beginning. In fact, the one of the first real makeup products I ever wore was a face powder that my parents bought me. At the time, my acne was worsening and even I had to admit that I had to start wearing face makeup. My parents took me to a MAC counter, and had the makeup artist match me to one of their full-coverage powders. I had just turned 13, and hadn’t the slightest clue about skincare, much less makeup!

I still thought that I couldn’t wear moisturizer because my face was oily (I know now that this isn’t true!) If anybody had asked me about mascaras or foundation, I’m sure my face would have resembled a deer in headlights. I was also extremely self-conscious about my acne.

Soon after getting a face powder, my mom took me once more to get some more MAC makeup, but fun stuff! I got a soft pink eye shadow and matching pink lip tint. After that, I was hooked.

Gradually, I started learning more tips, either from trial-and-error or from flipping through magazines. I learned that makeup was best applied in natural light, and that colors that look great on one person may not look so hot on another.

By the time summer rolled around, I was keen on learning about as many makeup brands as I could. I secretly pored over my mom’s makeup collection, and scoured the Internet for new product releases. I was only allowed to wear face powders, tinted lip products, and Mom-Approved-Eye shadows, but I loved it! In the process, I also learned about taking care of my face. I learned that drinking water and using products that wouldn’t clog pores improved my skin.

Entering into the 8th grade, I ventured farther into the world of beauty. I finally started wearing mascara, and discovered my favorite mascara—Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash Mascara. The difference was astonishing! I had no idea that such a simple product could create such dramatic results! I also began expanding my collection, and experimenting with different looks. Sometimes my mom and I would give each other makeovers, just for laughs.

That Christmas, I broke out of my habit of asking for clothes and books, and asked for makeup. I adored the winter sets and collections, and marveled at the unique colors of each individual product.

Beginning in the 9th grade, I began posting YouTube videos with makeup tutorials, and other sorts of beauty-related videos. It was a fun outlet, and a way for me to entertain myself while also learning about makeup from other people. I never expected anything to come of it, and I hardly ever posted regularly.

After becoming a part of SparkLife, and posting videos here, I really began to actively take part in the cosmetic world. I’ve run experiments to see which products perform best, and looked for deals that provide the best product for the price. With all of the sweet, and encouraging people who have watched my videos, I feel motivated now, more than ever to find the most effective products on the market. It’s really amazing what can happen in two years, isn’t it?

What kind of products or experiments would you like Lucero to try?

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