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Fun Nail Art Designs to Try

Fun Nail Art Designs to Try

I was not always a super girly-girl—in fact, as a kid I was more of a tomboy. During my teen years, however, I began experimenting with makeup and fell in love. That’s not to say it was always a success… my brief romance with yellow eyeliner can attest to that. Still, I learned to be fearless and have fun, which is what makeup is all about.

One of our favorite trends now is nail art. We’ve been seeing great designs and tutorials everywhere, so here’s a roundup of lots of fun nail art designs to try. It’s a little easier to be courageous with nail polish than, say, your face.

Nudes and brights, a la Zooey Deschanel. Zooey pairs nude nails with minty, almost neon, tips— with great success! This is the perfect way to “dip your toes” into funky nails.

Adorable dots of all shapes and sizes. We’re really having a moment with polka dots. They’re retro yet modern, simple yet funky. And you can do them so easily with a pin and a pencil! This beauty blog has a quick tutorial.

The bow mani. The bow mani requires a couple more tools (or a really steady hand), but can be done with any combination of colors—something subtle and girly, or something more adventurous, like black and neon.

A simple heart. Not everyone needs a complicated, insane-looking manicure. I love the simplicity of these super shiny nails with a cute little heart, flower, or even just a stripe.

A modern mani. This looks complicated but it’s pretty easy, and it's perfect if you're not the super-girly type. Paint your nails one of the colors, then cover the part you want to keep with regular Scotch tape. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect like this one—you’re just doing this for fun.Or, do it with a friend so you can help each other. Tip for these ones: wait for each layer to dry before applying the tape, or you'll peel off the first coat.

Something completely goofy. Have a favorite cartoon character? Figure out a way to illustrate that on your nails. If the entire set is too difficult, time-consuming, or annoying—just do it on the thumb or ring finger of your non-dominant hand. Spongebob mani anyone?

Or, go completely creepy. This might be better suited for Halloween, but who cares? These nails are creepy and funny at the same time. Salute your inner weirdo!

Keep it simple, but not too simple. Glitter is a great way to experiment. To achieve this look, paint your nails a basic-ish color like nude or pink. Then layer on silver, gold, or multicolored glitter. Paint the bottom half your nail with the first layer of glitter. Once it dries, add a second layer on the bottom quarter of your nail to get that ombre effect.

What's your favorite nail look?

What’s your favorite? Any nail trends we’re missing?

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