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The Perfect Prom Dress for Plus-Sizers

The Perfect Prom Dress for Plus-Sizers

I know for the past couple of weeks, all you Sparklers have been sitting literally on the edge of your seats, constantly refreshing the SparkLife page in hopes that I found my absolute perfect prom dress! Well, you guys, you no longer have to sit in that uncomfortable position and can instead commence jumping for joy... because I think I got it.
Well, maybe. Since I don't have a magical DEB store around, I've been browsin' on the interwebs looking for a good prom dress and, thanks to vmonteiro11, I found this little beauty. Not gonna lie, guy, I think this is the one! The perfect prom dress! But in all its glory, it got me thinking: exactly why is it so perfect for plus-sized girls? What is about the style that makes it so awesome and elegant? And how can I help other plus-sized ladies who are prom bound without telling them to get this exact dress (we can't ALL be matching!)? After careful analysis, I think I've discovered...
What To Look For In A Prom Dress If You're A Plus-Sized Girl!
Catchy, no? Okay, let's begin:

  1. Length: In general, when it comes to prom dresses, it's either short or long. By that I mean either above the knee or floor length, and nothing in between. Personally, I hate short dresses. They make you look like you got a size too small, and if you've got a big butt like me, you spend the entire night thinking, "Is my underwear showing? Oh God, is my dress too short?" and then pulling it down every 10 seconds. With a long flowy dress, you don't have to worry about flashing your peers or feeling uncomfortably squished. You can just float around in comfort and confidence!
  2. Straps: Again, with some exceptions, prom dresses are usually either sleeveless or completely strapless. If you have the bust to keep up a strapless dress, then go for it! But if you're like me and have most of your curves on your hips and not your breasts, then strapless is a nightmare. If you want the strapless look but can't quite hold it up, the one-shoulder strap is amazing! It looks pretty and doesn't hug your body so tightly that it looks like you have weird armpit fat (please tell you me you know what I'm talking about). If you're still not comfortable with that, then make sure your no-sleeved dress has straps that don't cut into you.
  3. Flow: If you have a perfect hourglass figure, go for a tight-fitting dress! But if the only curves that stick out are your stomach, love handles, and hips, then skintight probably isn't the best choice. With a flowy dress, you can show your beautiful curves in an attractive way. I don't want anyone looking at my tummy, but I don't mind showing off my hips. Flowy dresses serve that exact purpose. They highlight your hips and hide away the belly fat. Goodbye, love handles! Also be sure to note that poofy dresses that look like they're hiding a birdcage under them don't do anything for your figure. Unless you can pull them off, try to avoid.
  4. Design: Even though you want to get a dress that looks good on you, the whole point of the dress is to make you look good. A crazy pattern can distract everyone from your pretty face. Something soft, simple, and elegant can make you look beautiful. After all, would you rather hear, "Your dress looks gorgeous!" or "You look gorgeous!"? This night is about you, not your dress.
So what do you guys think? Is this the one? Or should I keep looking? I have yet to find my local bridal shop and poke around, but that's mainly because a lot of friends are hittin' up those kinds of stores and I have a talent for choosing a dress that six other girls have already bought.
Speaking of which, if this dress is perfect, then lay off! It's mine! (Totally kidding!)

How's your dress shopping going? Have you found something you love?
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