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Yummy New Ways for Your Cookies to Crumble

Yummy New Ways for Your Cookies to Crumble

Are you tired of the same ol' cookies? If you answered "yes," go see a doctor. Immediately. No one should ever be tired of cookies. If, however, wish to spice up the classic chips-in-a-bag routine, then I have the perfect tips for you! (Cue the cheesy infomercial music.)

1. Use fancy-schmancy chocolate. Get all classy with some Godiva! Or try adding candy with secondary flavors, like Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, or Andies Candies. Also, using two different types of chocolate chips, such as half a bag of white chocolate and half a bag of dark, can really mix it up. Rule of thumb: better ingredients=better product.

2. Slightly undercook batter and freeze it. This allows you to have a tasty slab of cold cookie delight later for an afternoon snack. Perfect for those hot summer days, or with some hot coco with your crush. He or she will be so amazed at your culinary skill that you might have to change you status from "NBK" to "smooched." After all, the way to a Mankler's (or Sparkler's) heart is through his stomach. Hubba Hubba!

3. Add some icing. Everything's better with a little frosting on top—it's a scientific fact. Swipe a little store-bought icing on top or add some thick homemade whipped cream and you'll enter a whole new level of YUM.

4. Layer it up. Take two square pans, fill them with batter, and bake. After they've cooled, put chocolate mousse in between and top with a thin layer of chocolate icing. Do you know what that gives you? Heaven in your mouth, that's what.

5. Stick 'em up. Roll dough into balls, put a popsicle stick in the middle, and bake—it's like a lollipop made of COOKIE.

6. Add more chocolate. After they've cooled, dip or drizzle them in melted chocolate. 'Nuf said.

7. Add your own pizazz. Are you feeling like an alchemist today? Go wild! Create your own recipe by adding some new crazy ingredients. Throw in some vanilla, nuts, cream cheese, peanut butter, or even other types of cookies like Oreos, and what might you get? Deliciousness that is all your own.

8. Just eat the dough. Yeah, it's horrible for your health, but it's just so DELICIOUS.

Now go out into the world and make delectable cookies! You might even try bringing a batch to that teacher who hardly ever hands out As, or to that extremely attractive person whose birthday is coming up. They will love you forever. Fact: I was un-grounded after making extra-chocolaty peanut butter cookies. Also, I was asked out to coffee to "study" after bringing Oreo-stuffed cookies to English class. Ergo, cookies can change lives.

Post by Absterlyholt!

Cookies can TOTALLY change lives. Especially the ones with icing and chocolate mousse and Oreos in the middle. OH MAN, WE ARE SO HUNGRY. What's your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?

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