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10 Celebrities That We Wish Were Our Parents

Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray is not a mom, but she is one, if you know what we mean. Like, she looks nice in sweaters. Obviously, meals would rock so hard they’d bring all the boys to the yard. And she is like semi-annoyingly cute and positive, but in that way moms are supposed to be. LIke surely she would always be wiping stuff off our mouths (“honey you have a little something here”) but secretly we would love it. She’d be like “YUMMO!” and we’d roll our eyes and be like “Oh, mom.” We'd love it. She’d come to our soccer games and be like “YOU’RE THE BEST! HERE ARE SOME SNACKS!!!” And all the kids would love it, too. Your popularity would skyrocket. You might end up as Prez of the USA, who knows where this could lead. Hope we get: Her knife skillz
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