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What to Read If You're Suffering from Hunger Games Withdrawal

What to Read If You're Suffering from Hunger Games Withdrawal

You've read every book, seen the movie four times, and married your cat to your dog in a sumptuous, Panem-inspired ceremony. But it's still not enough. So until Suzanne Collins decides to write a fourth HG book (Eating Bark's Not So Bad!: In the Kitchen With Katniss), we've made a reading list to get you through those dark, Hunger Games-less nights. Here's what to read if you're looking for...

A heroine who's good with a knife: The strange and wonderful Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

This is the rare supernatural YA novel that is completely unlike any of the zillion supernatural YA novels you've already read. It takes place mainly in Prague, following a blue-haired art student of unknown origins who was raised by (and still works for) literal monsters—and what happens after an avenging angel begins leaving mysterious scorched handprints on seemingly innocuous doorways around the world.

A heroine who's far from perfect: Liar.

Told in three parts, titled "Telling the Truth," "Telling the True Truth," and "Telling the Actual True Truth," this book features narrator Micah's attempts to relay how her secret boyfriend came to be found dead in Central Park. The story is complicated by two things: her tendency toward pathological lying, and her own unexpected secret. Micah's a ball of rage, Katniss-style, and she has a pretty good excuse for it—maybe. To the very end, you can't be sure what's truth and what's a lie.

A love triangle involving a conflicted heroine and two equally schmexy dudes: Clockwork Angel.

Cassandra Clare's steampunk series about supernatural warrior teens in Victorian England is probably already on your bookshelves. If it isn't, did we mention the hot guy love triangle? Go, run.

A story about a young girl pitted against the wilderness: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

Scared to go in the woods alone? If you answered "not yet," this will solve that problem. In one of Stephen King's lesser-known books, a grade-school girl gets left behind while on a hike with her mom and brother, and uses her small store of food, her Gameboy, and her Walkman to stave off insanity, death...and a giant bear, which may or may not be a demon in disguise.

A story about a girl who doesn't know who she can trust:
The Magnolia League.

After her herbalist mother's mysterious death, Alexandria is forced to leave the commune she grew up on to live with her southern belle grandmother, who runs an eerily perfect ladies' league in Savannah, Georgia. Alexandria is a resourceful hippie heroine who refuses to adjust to her grandmother's way of life, or to befriend the tricky girls who try to debutante-ize her—until she discovers the frightening secret behind her grandmother's powerful Magnolia League.

Have you read any of these books? Which one are you dying to check out?

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