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Take a Stand Against Bullying with The Bully Project!

Take a Stand Against Bullying with The Bully Project!

Today, we're teaming up with our amazing friends at to bring you The Bully Project, an incredible campaign that could literally change, and maybe even save, the lives of teenagers just like you. In conjunction with the heartbreaking and inspiring documentary BULLY, The Bully Project empowers you to stand up against bullying and enact lasting change at your school—simply by taking a Facebook survey. You don't need to start a club, or give a presentation, or make a donation; the only thing you need to do to take a stand against bullies is click here.

I bet that every single Sparkler out there has been affected by bullying at one point or another; maybe you were mocked for being a nerd, or witnessed a kid being shoved against his locker, or even took part in making fun of someone else, because you didn't want to become the target of teasing. Bullying is EVERYWHERE, and it can be devastating to deal with; more than 160,000 US teens stay home each day to avoid the tortures of being bullied, and thousands of teens have committed suicide after being bullied beyond their breaking point. It can be so, so hard to find the courage to stand up to a bully—especially when the adults in charge don't seem to be doing anything to help. But that's where The Bully Project comes in: it gives you the power, with a few clicks of your mouse, to CREATE REAL CHANGE.

Simply by downloading the Bullying Census Facebook app and taking the 15-question quiz, you can "grade" your school on how it handles bullying and get IMMEDIATE results, which you can then share with your Facebook friends. When The Bully Project ends on May 9, will collect all the results and issue a state-by-state national Bullying Report Card, meant to motivate school administrators, parents, and teens to enact lasting change in their schools.

This census finally gives a voice to the teens affected by bullying—and it could not be easier for you to speak up. So take the quiz, grade your school, and share your results on Facebook—your participation could change the life of a bully victim.

Oh, and one more thing: every teen who downloads the Bullying Census app on Facebook and completes the quiz will have a chance at being randomly selected to win a college scholarship—and the more people who share the census with their Facebook friends, the more the scholarship amount increases—all the way up to $20,000. You're automatically entered to win as soon as you take the quiz—so take a stand, starting now, and help put an end to bullying. (Sweepstakes sponsored by Official rules here.)

Take the quiz and come back here to share your results! And don't forget to friend me, Chelsea Dagger at, on Facebook, so that I can share your results too! The more of us that participate, the more positive change we can create. Let's get to it, Sparklers!

To learn more about the documentary BULLY, click here!

To learn more about The Bully Project, click here!

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