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Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is officially here, and you know what that means: a whole new wardrobe! Check out our roundup of the cutest trends and styles for this spring season whilst you shed your puffy coats and fluffy scarves and get ready to hit the mall.

Angelina may have brought the thigh-high slit to everyone’s attention with her red carpet antics, but designers were already ready to cement the slitted skirt as a new staple silhouette. Keep the style from becoming too risqué by finding a skirt in a floaty, romantic fabric instead of a clingy one.
Check out: Sparkle and Fade Chiffon Maxi Skirt, Urban Outfitters

This skirt hovers somewhere between refined lady and rock star. After all, the shape is basically a mullet, with business in the front and party in the back. Either way, this skirt is cute. Pair it with a t-shirt for school and dress it up with a sequined top for parties and nights out.
Check out: Woven High Low Skirt, Forever 21

Revel in the fact that we’re all girls and can get away with wearing short skirts, flowers, lace, and pink, without judgment. None of those elements make your heart flutter? Then get into the super-flattering A-line silhouettes that downplay any winter weight gain and emphasize any assets.
Check out: Dainty Lace Skirt, Forever 21

It’s time to break out the color after a gray and drab winter. I love this draped jersey miniskirt, because it's really comfortable, and I like to bum around in style.
Check out: Lucca Couture Drape Front Skirt, Urban Outfitters

Floral Printed
Celebrities have been running around Hollywood in floral printed pants since late fall last year, but the style has finally hit stores around the country. At first glance this trend seems difficult to wear, but you can ease into it by looking for smaller florals in similar shades. To keep the print from overwhelming your frame, try pieces that fit closer to the body, like skinny jeans or shorts.
Check out: Insight Romance Rundown Jean, Urban Outfitters

From ombre hair to ombre shoes, this dying technique has been pretty ubiquitous for a few years. However there’s something to be said for a style with such intense staying power. These jeans play with the style in a subtle way, plus the bright electric blue fits right in with this spring’s color trends.
Check out: Rich and Skinny Legacy Skinny Jean, Urban Outfitters

Spring’s new palette is pretty vivid. Instead of pastel shades and soft neutrals, we're seeing color, color, and more color. And we all know color is way more fun than black and white.
Check out: Dittos Veronica High-Rise Flare Jean, Urban Outfitters

Unleash your inner flower child with a pair of breezy, ultra-flared jeans in a light wash. These ones are so soft they feel like pajamas.
Check out: Flowy Palazzo Pants, Forever 21

Color Blocked
The highly geometric proportions of color-blocked styles make it easy to exaggerate and minimize different aspects of your body. This top makes arms look really slim and floats over the stomach area to hide any possible muffin top.
Check out: Asymmetrical Color Block Top, Forever 21

Bold Print
Bold prints complement traditional spring pastels by toning down the sweetness and upping the edginess factor. They can range from big splashy florals to graphic stripes, and there are options to suit everyone’s taste. I’m partial to geometric patterns myself, and this zig-zag striped top is understated enough to work beyond the season.
Check out: Zigzag Stripes Top, Forever 21

Get a little risqué with some laser cut cutouts. They show enough skin to be sexy, but not so much that you venture into salacious territory. Find one in a silky fabric for a cool slinky effect that glides over your body, or choose a cotton jersey for a figure-hugging feel.
Check out: Geo Cutout Top, Forever 21

Sheer Crop
Crop tops are usually difficult to wear regardless of body type, but a crop top in a sheer light material is easy to layer. Pair it with highwaisted skirts and shorts to lengthen the leg line, or layer it under a light jacket to stay covered up without bulk.
Check out: Sheer Starry Tie Tank, Forever 21

Both practical and stylish, anoraks are a sporty jacket option that help you experiment with proportion. Keep things balanced by wearing them with a body-con skirt or skinny jeans. They’ve been all over the runway this season in varying forms from burlap to silk, and in tons of colors, too.
Check out: Field Jacket w/ Hood, Forever 21

Kimono Style
This open topper is perfect for making an impact on the standard jeans and a t-shirt combo. It’s trendy, but the drama it adds is more than worth the limited mileage it might see.
Check Out: Open Satin Jacket, Forever 21

Candy Colored Blazer
What with Easter around the corner and pastels being the hot thing and all, this jacket will probably become a go-to item. It adds a touch of fun structure to outfits during the day, and keeps you standing out at night.
Check Out: ¾ Sleeve Blazer, Forever 21

Knit Moto
Spring doesn’t mean you’re completely free to ditch all the layers keeping you warm. In fact it, can be a miserable time temperature-wise because the day will be a balmy 67°F, and then it will be snowing. Jackets that toe the line between winter and summer wear are usually meant for adventuring, and are not usually stylish. A heavyweight jacket in a closely cut, structured fit will keep you warm now and help you transition spring pieces into the fall and winter later.
Check out: Knit Moto Jacket, Forever 21

From spring flings to senior luncheons, this season has become about the dress. This particular dress plays with both body-con and peplum silhouettes, which are equally popular trends this year, and combines them into a dress that can handle the mileage and hide your love-handles.
Check out: Contrast Trim Peplum Dress, Forever 21

The wetsuit look has been renewed for another year, and this wetsuit-inspired dress is a great way to experiment. It’s cheap but colorful and emulates the trend quite well.
Check Out: Zipper Front Colorblock Dress, Forever 21

The novelty of a twirly skirt never wears off. This one is extra swishy and have you spinning and frolicking no matter where your night takes you.
Check Out: Pins and Needles Chiffon-Trim Knit Dress, Urban Outfitters

Tulip skirts are great for making it look like you have curves when you don’t. The silhouette in combination with a soft tie-dye keeps things reigned in for daywear, but the entire get-up can be made more edgy for night with the addition of layered accessories in black.
Check Out: Tie Dye Dress, Forever 21

Are you wearing these trends? Your Sparkitors are into color blocking in a major way!

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