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Weddings, Double Victories, and Other News From the 2012 ACM Awards

Weddings, Double Victories, and Other News From the 2012 ACM Awards

Last night was the annual Academy of Country Music Awards, and just to prove we're not totally biased against the screams of dying cats country music, here's the what you need (and don't need) to know about the show. And, in case you're confused, the ACM Awards are one of the many, many country music award shows out there (including the CMAs, the CMTs, and the ACAs).

The biggest, and possibly strangest, news of the evening was the wedding of Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci (if they don't sound famous, it's because they're not) during the ceremony. Martina McBride (who sang her song "Marry Me" while the couple was wedded on stage) picked out the couple herself specifically for the show. Apparently, Martina loved the couple's story so much, she thought they'd be perfect for her performance.

Having a live wedding onstage is a bit hard to top, but Taylor Swift came close when she won Entertainer of the Year Award for the second year in a row, making her one of two women to hold that honor. And, earning some bonus points for being a good person, Swift gave a shout-out to her would-be date, Kevin McGuire, a high school senior suffering from cancer.

In other news, Toby Keith performed "Red Solo Cup" while waltzing through the audience with (surprise!) a red solo cup, and Miranda Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton won top female and male vocalist, respectively. And to top off the night, Steven Martin, Ashton Kutcher, and KISS all guest-starred—Steve Martin played the banjo, Ashton Kutcher sang a George Straight song, and KISS presented Lady Antebellum with the Vocal Group of the Year Award. Why? Who knows, but we liked it.

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