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The Hunger Prom

The Hunger Prom

Your Prom Committee has likely already selected a theme and started transforming your school gym into "New York, New York." But don't worry! You can still have your Hunger Games-themed prom. Pull this off, and Effie Trinket herself would be proud:

The Attire
Clearly you will be dressing as the Girl on Fire. Short of immolating yourself and paying a freshman to follow you around with a bucket of water, how does one achieve this look? Take inspiration from Katniss's smokin' hot (literally, right?) red, one-shouldered cocktail number. Or go over the top with something like this. You'll get the effect without scorching your date. Speaking of a date, you'll both need corsages. How about bunches of nightlock berries? How romantic! And you'll require some mockingjay jewelry. Be a traditionalist with the pin from the book or get a little more creative. Instead of a boring old wrap, cover up (and protect yourself from rogue fireballs and freak thunderstorms) with tribute-worthy slickers or Katniss's bad mo-fo leather jacket.

The Pre-Prom Dinner
Sure, you could go out to a fancy steak house for your pre-prom dinner, but why would you when you could feast like they do in the Capitol at home? One potential menu:

Clear green broth that tastes like springtime
Frothy pink soup dotted with raspberries

Lamb stew with dried plums on wild rice
Chicken and oranges in a creamy sauce with flower shaped rolls
Pheasant with jewel-colored jellies, baby vegetables in butter, and parsley mashed potatoes Desserts Chocolate custard dotted with cherries

This cake (complete with President Snow's blood)

Throughout the course of the meal, call your waitress (i.e., your little sister you've blackmailed to wait on you) Greasy Sae.

At the Dance
First off, take your prom pic lying prone and shivering while spooning each other for comfort and body heat, like Katniss and Peeta in the cave. Kiss for the camera! Later, when you lose your date in the crowd, locate him using Rue's whistle. Ask the DJ to play the Hunger Games soundtrack. If someone tries to dance with your date, snap her neck. Kidding! But really... When they announce the prom court, give the three-fingered salute (if you like them; otherwise, riot). And if you have a friend who gets a little too into the "woohoo, it's prom! let's get stupid!" experience, refer to him as Haymitch all night.

No prom is complete without a post-prom recap over breakfast. As you feast on Distric 12 Ration Grain Drop Biscuits and goat's milk, ask each other "Real or not real?"

Now, may the odds be ever in your favor to find a date!

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