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Step Into Spring with New Shoes

Step Into Spring with New Shoes

Spring brings buds to the trees, streams of sunlight, and new additions to your closet. As you add capris, shorts, and skirts to your wardrobe, only to find a pile of salt-encrusted boots in the back of your closet, you know it’s time to add some new shoes to your spring ensemble. You don’t need a ton of new kicks to supplement your spring look—just a few staples to get you into summertime.

Open toe pump: Spring brings events that may require that you step it up a notch, like graduation, dances, parties, and other fun stuff. For these somewhat dressy affairs, it’s important to have a shoe that looks classy and cute. But who wants to buy a shoe for just a couple of occasions? We think open toe pumps are really versatile and great for both dressy and cas events. These Kelly & Katie pumps can be worn dressed down to family dinners, a casual date, or a fun outing with your friends at the mall. We think the fake snakeskin is a cute, stylish twist on these basic heels. Wear them with an LBD for a grad party or even a dressy pair of shorts and your legs will look AWESOME and sculpted. We like the neutral, but the navy could be a fun addition that would pair with nautical outfits.

Dressy flip-flops: Anybody who wears shoes knows that flips-flops are the best. You can just throw them on and run out the door. They are comfortable and are the best to show off your new pedicure. Sometimes an Old Navy flip-flop just doesn’t cut it. We suggest buying a “dressy” flip flop that nobody would mistake for a shower shoe. We think these Bandolino numbers are perfect to wear with a casual spring dress, shorts, or capris. The little wedge gives you some height to prevent the dreaded “cankle,” but yet doesn’t make it seem like you are trying too hard.

Kitten heels: A tiny pair of heels is a great addition to a summer wardrobe. While ballet flats have been the rage, we think this pair of Me Too’s gives you better support and can actually be more comfortable, especially if you have flat feet. A tiny heel makes your skinny jeans look that much sleeker too. It’s just a touch of sass you can add to your outfit without forgoing comfort, which is always key. We selected a neutral shade since it goes with almost EVERYTHING and is very on trend this season. This color looks great with pastels and our rose gold jewelry—which we have a ton of thanks to all those Christmas gifts.

Modern wedge: Wedges are so fun to play with and mix and match with your spring pieces. While many stores have been showing bulky wedges for a few seasons, we think these Bandolino wedges are great because they’re classic, with a contemporary shape. Kind of makes us feel like a modern day Audrey Hepburn when we slip our dainty toes into them. The fun, colored lines and sleek silhouette make them seem less massive then the bigger wedges (think Jessica Simpson style). We like this look and think these are a great staple to add to your shoe collection. They look pretty with a flared white jean or even shorts. This another shoe you can dress up and down as needed.

Massive colorful wedges: These colorful shoes are too fun not to wear, but the old lady in us thinks they are a bit painful.

We bought all of these shoes at DSW, and while they aren’t Old Navy flip-flop cheap, they were very reasonable. What do you think of our choices? Where do you usually go for spring and summer shoes? Are you one of those people who thinks a regular flip-flop is always ok, or do you step it up a bit?

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