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Would You Rather: Prom Edition

Would You Rather: Prom Edition

Life is full of choices. Each and every one leads us down a different road. Usually the choices are easy. But sometimes, there are no “right choices,” only “less sucky choices.”

Welcome to our favorite game here at SparkLife: Would You Rather. And today it is no normal game of WYR. With prom fast approaching, we will ask you the hard questions, for today you will play…

Would You Rather: Prom Edition

Good luck. And remember, there are no good choices.

Would you rather…

Wear a dress made of thousands of miniature versions of your parents
Ride to the dance in a limousine that makes you throw up at every stoplight?

Enter the prom, hoisted aloft on a frozen side of beef, by the school’s janitorial staff
Take your youngest brother, Phillip the bedwetter, as your date?

Wear a hidden camera so your parents can watch the entire prom from their laptops
Wear a corsage made from the plaintiff cries of the condemned?

Have to end every dance by performing your “signature move,” which consists of doing the splits while slamming your head into a piece of concrete you wear around your neck
Eat at Applebees?

Hear the DJ play only recordings of a dripping faucet, the inauguration of President Coolidge, and Katy Perry
Get stabbed in the foot every time you feel awkward?

Pay for your prom tickets with a piece of your soul
Have liquid nitrogen poured down your back any time your date gets “too close” on the dance floor?

Sing all of your conversations for the entire night to the tune of “My Heart Will Go On”
Have the chaperones be cyborg police from the year 2245, programmed to ask you embarrassing questions in front of your date. And to kill. Also programmed to kill.

Face your mortal enemy in a dance off where the loser is forced to knit an 80 foot by 80 foot “I’m Suck” out of Alpaca wool yarn
Wear football pads for the last slow dance of the night

Tell us in the comments!

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