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The Hunger Games MURDERS the Box Office

The Hunger Games MURDERS the Box Office

Holy fish loaves, did Katniss and Peeta have a good weekend!

I am, of course, referring to the sick and ridiculous box office numbers that the first Hunger Games movie put up. Oh, did I say the first Hunger Games movie? I must have some kind of crazy, telepathic power that enables me to see far into the future and predict the obvious. This franchise is a friggin’ gold mine!

But for serials, the hard facts are these: the opening weekend B.O. for the Games was a staggering $155 million. That makes it the third best opening weekend in North America! The only two films that beat it out were Deathly Hollows part Deux, and Dark Knight. And considering that both of those movies were hotly anticipated sequels to already successful franchises, we can only expect bigger and badder things from the follow ups.

And how did the rest of the weekend’s movies fare? Cue violins.

21 Jump Street fell to number 2 with $21 million, Lorax shimmied down to 3 with $13 million, the little movie that couldn’t, John Carter, stayed mediocre at fourth with $5 million, and Act of Valor rounded out the top five with $2 million.

So, districts, rejoice! You have a new and valiant leader! Long live the franchise, and may the box office receipts be ever in Lionsgate’s favor.

Even though we had nothing to do with the making of this movie, we are still BRIMMING with pride over how well HG did at the box office. Come on, admit it: you're really  glad that it kicked Twilight's butt.


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