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My Hunger Games Premiere Experience

My Hunger Games Premiere Experience

I spent Friday at a foot-dragging, face-melting, teeth-hurting level of tiredness. Why? Because I went to the MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF THE HUNGER GAMES, and loved every freaking blood bath minute of it! Impressions:

Props (do people still say that?) to the moviegoers who dressed as Electric-Kool-Aid-Kandy-Kolored-Tangerine-Flake-Radical-Chic Capitol dwellers. It made me super excited that bright colors are back in this season and kind of made me want to dip-dye my hair. The girl sitting in the row in front of us rocked the Katniss look, braids and blue chambray dress and all. It made my friend's homemade (with permanent marker and Hanes Her Way) "May the odds be ever in your favor" T-shirt seem kind of lame.

I don't care what her natural hair color is, Jennifer Lawrence was REALLY GOOD as Katniss. She is a noble warrior princess.

Oh my GooGoo Cluster, how adorable is Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? I wanted to hug him and pet his perfectly-coiffed Ken doll hair, and put some falafel in him and eat him. He totally surpassed my expectations.

Which brings me to Gale. I felt kind of bad for Gale in the movie. Every time they would flash back to him watching Katniss on the big screen holding hands or smooshing faces with Peeta, everyone in the theater would laugh. It was just too much of a sad trombone moment not to.

I heart Donald Sutherland because I once interviewed him and he told me I reminded him of his first wife (but not in a creepy way), so seeing him as President Snow was cool for me, cool for everybody. Could not imagine anyone else in that role. I just wish my popcorn had come with a scratch-n-sniff option, so I could smell those sinister white roses.

Flaming dress totally lived up to expectations. I was a little worried after seeing that lackluster red cocktail number in the previews.

Stanley Tucci was hilar as Milhouse Caesar Flickerman, but two supporting characters I would like to see more of in the next movie: Haymitch and Effie. I feel like they could have gotten a lot more humor out of these two, who delivered some priceless lines. ("That is MAHOGANY!") MORE, give me MORE!

One person I wish they had cast differently: Lenny Kravtiz as Cinna. I was skeptical when I heard the schmexy rock god would be playing the over-the-top stylist with a heart and eyelashes of gold. Maybe because I had imagined Cinna as a little more flamboyant (in the Brad Goreski-Blaine Anderson way, not in the leather pants and afro way). I know Lenny said he wanted to play the part subdued, but it bordered on bland for me.

Two quibbles with some cuts they made to streamline the story: What happened to Madge? And part of the terror of the muttations in the book is that their human eyes reveal they are some sort of abominable reanimated dog-human hybrid of the deceased tributes (one of the most despicable things done by the Capitol in the book). In the movie they're just really, really, really mean hologram dogs.

Every time I hear a bird sing outside my window today, I'm listening for Rue's whistle. The fact that they're not doing it is making me kind of anxious. Or maybe it's just the lack of sleep.

Did you stay up past your bedtime for the Hunger Games premiere?


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