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Hunger Games Pickup Lines

Hunger Games Pickup Lines

By Rachel Korowitz

Whether you're hanging in The Seam or you're fending off hordes of Tracker Jackers, there's always room for a little romance. Sweep your fellow tribute off of his or her feet with these pickup lines.

  • I got stabbed in the leg. Wanna hide in this cave and make out?
  • With the way you shoot those arrows, you're like Cupid. Of death.
  • I'm a Career.
  • Let me take you out for an elegant dinner at Greasy Sae's.
  • I'll totally share my rations with you—that is, if I don't die. (If I die, you can just have them.)
  • I know a four-note tune we can whistle together.
  • Paint me with this that I can camouflage myself from the people trying to kill me.
  • You looked really hot when you were escaping from those monkey muttations.
  • The concussion bomb knocked out my hearing, but it's still not as much of a knockout as you are.
  • You're more precious than a silver parachute.
  • If you're not murdered before sundown, we should form an alliance. A sexy alliance.
  • What happens in the game arena stays in the game arena.
  • You make my heart cannon go boom.
  • You feel that electricity between us? It's not just because I'm from District 3...
  • I want to kiss you more than I want to murder President Snow.

Hubba hubba! Got any pickup lines to add to our list?

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