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An NBK Update from Your Favorite College Mankler!

An NBK Update from Your Favorite College Mankler!

JakeandAmirFTWolf has graced us with his presence once again! PRAISE BE TO BERGSTEIN.--Sparkitors

Well Sparklemotionbutts, I’M BACK! Feels like forever (two months, actually) since my last post, but that’s college for you. And I’ve got some great news and some meh-not-too-good news. Since I started off with the bad news last time (Re: Eowyn), here’s the great news, coming right up.

As I already mentioned, I talked things over with Eowyn, she left, I gave myself the weekend to cheer up, and then a few days later I met somebody new. And it was awesome. We hit it off brilliantly, went out on a picnic a couple days later, one thing led to another, there was some smooching…and then I woke up. That’s right, sheesh, ya’ll, ‘twas a dream.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but now you know how I felt when I slowly came back to reality and remembered that this girl of my dreams was just that, a dream. I even spun a totem a few times to make sure, but no dice. (Also, I was itching to work in a J&A quote, but that’s irrelevant.)It’s not all bad though. Because the girl in the dream happened to have a lot in common with somebody I’d met the night before, so maybe my subconscious was saying something to me…

And since I brought her up, let’s talk about this girl, who I’ll call Maid Marian (thanks to BarryJam for the suggestion). She recently joined one of the clubs I’m in, and that's how we met. Pretty sure I caught her looking at me a few times, and we shared some smiles/eye contact, so that’s good. But so far, nothing else has happened...maybe because I've yet to make a move.

Moving right along, I’ll call the next girl on the list Irina, because Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is franking awesome. (Doesn’t matter if I’m talking about the book, the miniseries, or the movie. It still applies. It always applies. Also, Smiley is suspicious.) She’s in one of my classes and we did a brief group thing together, then I talked to her for awhile before break, but just got back. So there’s possibility there. She also happens to bear a striking resemblance to old Eowyn, but that’s immaterial. (Sarcasm hand? Maybe. I’m not sure what that says about my mindset.)

Speaking of Eowyn, she left, obviously, ages and ages ago, and I’m well over her. (Disregard potential evidence to the contrary in the previous paragraph.) But we have kept in touch, intermittenly, and she’s going to go to a nearby college, so I'll probably see her again sometime, which is good. But I’m still over her. The fact that there’s now "Irina," who I briefly mistook for Eowyn when I first saw her, doesn’t mean anything. Right? Maybe.

P.S. I need a catchy ending phrase like Faye’s "sleep is for the weak." I’ll work on one when I’m not busy doing college stuff, and send in a new update when I have more news, and time. Peace 'til then. Keep safe. Keep faith. Good night.

P.P.S. I need to come up with my own ending, not one stolen from Harry Potter. Oh well.

Do you think FTWolf is still crushin' on Eowyn? How should he proceed with Maid Marian and Irina?

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