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MetalheadNBK Update: Things Are Lookin' Good!

MetalheadNBK Update: Things Are Lookin' Good!

Metalhead is on a hot streak--but is he still a member of the illustrious NBK gang?--Sparkitors

What up, guys? Metalhead here with some pretty awesome news. No, I'm not quite ready to abandon the NBK title. But some very crazy things have happened lately that are very worth talking about--and they all stem from Camelot.

We've been rehearsing for a while now, and there have been some pretty great stories--such as the time that, during our runthrough, one of the guys in the soundbooth left one of the knights' microphones on and the PA picked him up backstage saying, "Something smells frumpy in here!" Good times.

It took a while, but we finally got Lancelot's sword unstuck from his little belt loop, kept Arthur's beard from falling off, and were able to "tie" Guenevere to the stake without her falling over. A few people showed up for Preview Night. Then on opening night, over a hundred people showed up. And then the next night, there were almost THREE hundred. And on closing/Prank Night, there were only about five empty seats in the whole place. And on every night but Preview Night (because that's kind of our final dress), we got a freakin' STANDING OVATION. THREE TIMES.

And then I went to the cast party and we had chicken nuggets and sang "I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight" and had the senior speeches and took pictures and cried a little bit and hugged people. Plus Mordred asked Lady Anne to prom. That was pretty cute.

But the thing about Camelot is, it showed me that I have some guts. If I could get out there in front of three hundred people in this stupid shirt with flowers on it and sing about "The Lusty Month of May", I can do a lot of other things. Such as audition for the Cary High Spring Assembly as A.I.R (my band). In fact, my audition is today at 3:40.

And to go along with the guts thing, I might possibly be thinking a little about maybe asking someone to prom. If I can pay for it...and I'm already paying part of the damages for that van I backed into in the church parking lot. (Let's not talk about that...) But yeah, more on that later. I will probably be needing some prom advice from you guys, though, as I have absolutely no experience with such matters.

I, metalhead865, feel like I could take on the world, and I believe I'm going to do that. Starting with Spring Assembly and prom.

Later, guys! (Prom advice/information greatly appreciated.)

You're KILLIN' it, buddy! Best of luck at your audition today and we can't wait to hear more about prommmmm! Guys, aren't you impressed with the major confidence pants Metalhead is sportin'?

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