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More Pix from the Hunger Games Premieres!

More Pix from the Hunger Games Premieres!

5 DAYS, BUTTS. 5 DAYS UNTIL WE ARE ALL SITTING IN A DARKENED MOVIE THEATER, EATING RAW COOKIE DOUGH OUT OF A ZIPLOCK BAG AND WAITING WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME TO BEGIN. Getting through the next 120 hours is going to be basically as difficult as fighting Cato mano-a-mano while blindfolded and armed only with tapioca pudding, but these pics of the HG cast lookin' fancy and fine at the Paris and Berlin premieres should help the next few days go a little faster. ONWARD, TRIBUTES!

WELL HELLLLLO THERE, GALE. What's that? You'd like to invite me to your summer house in the Swiss Alps, where we'd watch The Fellowship of the Ring on repeat and eat cheeseburgers galore? And said cheeseburgers would have pancakes in place of regular buns? I'll have to check my schedule, but--OH SCREW IT, YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

KATNISS "COME HITHER EYES" EVERDEEN continues her red carpet hot streak in an understatedly sexy black Tom Ford dress at the Paris premiere and a sizzling red Marchesa mini in Berlin. Which one is your favorite? Don't you wish you could look this good while casting a sultry glance over your shoulder? I always end up pulling a neck hamstring and choking on my own tongue.

Doesn't Joshie just look like an absolute DEAR in these pics? He's so smiley and sharply-dressed and HUGGABLE. Plus, I snort-laughed for 3 minutes over the fact that is says "DIE TRIBUTE" directly over his head in the photo on the right. Thank you, Germany, for your inadvertently hilarious language.

Elizabeth Banks has been SHUTTING IT DOWN on this premiere tour! I can now officially confirm that she looks good in every single color of sequins ever invented (yellow? Check. Magenta? Check. Orange? Double-check). Effie would be proud.

Whose your best-dressed this time around? My vote is KATNISS KATNISS KATNISS, every day of the week and twice on Sundays.


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