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Pi's Twitter Account

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Pi's Twitter Account

It's Pi's birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than to take a quick look at his Twitter account and see what he's been up to lately:

I'm keynote speaker at this year's San Diego MathCon! Pretty Psiched. #SeeWhatIDidThere

#FF @MajInAiryNumb3r @OccamsRazor @lHopitalRulez @PapaTime

Back in court today w/ @DarrenAronofsky. #CharacterAssassination

At @MajInAiryNumb3r 's art installation. Very esoteric stuff. #yawn

Settled out of court w/ @DarrenAronofsky for an undisclosed amount. #NOTanInfiniteNumber

Feel like going out 2nite. Gunna call @PyTHUGorus and @KanyeWest. His Bentley has a built in abacus! #VIP


Last thing I remember is doing calculus at 2 am with @PyTHUGorus. Think I'm in New Jersey. #headache

#FF old school version @TheoRumDMC @Euclid2012 @NoahsArchemedes

Developing an idea for new TV show called "Breaking Math" about a drug dealer who becomes a math teacher.

Feeling very finite today. #GloomyMonday

OMG! What flavor am I?! I've never heard that one before! #PeopleSuck

Catching up on some light reading. #PlaneAndSphericalTrigonometry #FourPlaceTablesOfLogarithms #DeathlyHallows

Still trying to figure out how to program my DVR.

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