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How to Write a Hit List Post

How to Write a Hit List Post

Metalhead gives you the step-by-step guide to writing the perfect Hit List!--Sparkitors

'Sup! Metalhead here. Now that I'm taking a break from writing Hit List posts, I'd really like to see some from you guys! Just in case you need a little guidance, I've got a few tips for ya here--and I even included examples.

1. Choose your band. Make sure it's a band you really, really like. (Please not One Direction. PLEASE.)

Example: Manafest

2. Write the intro. Describe the band's genre, a little about their history, and give a quick why-they're-awesome rundown.

Example: Do you like rap? Do you like rock? Then you'll probably love Manafest. Formerly an amateur skateboarder, Chris Greenwood started writing songs while in the hospital after an accident (as he puts it, "I was only eighteen when I busted my head when I slipped off a ledge and fell on my head"). Now he's touring all over the place and throwing rap and hard rock together, Linkin Park-style with a little more party edge.

3. Find some songs. Make sure they stand out. Like, really stand out. Don't go for a band's biggest hits just because people might know them--search the band's entire catalog and find five songs that YOU think are the sickest ones they have. This is really easy when a band has exactly five albums, 'cause you can just grab for one from each.

Example: Skills, Don't Turn Away, 4321, The Chase, Fighter

4. Detail the songs. For each song, write a quick description of why you love it, why it's one of the band's best, why the lyrics are so awesome, why the music is awesome, etc., etc. Don't just inexplicably rant and rave, though...


YES: The Chase: Manafest's fourth album, The Chase, dropped in 2010, and it was basically his best. (It got nominated for a Juno Award. How is that not awesome?) (Juno = Canadian Grammy.) Over a marching beat and a sweet mixed-up guitar line, Manafest raps about trying to make it to the top and getting loud at shows, but also realizes that it's a lifestyle and he can't stop making music even when he's tired: "If I chill I can't pay the bills. If I'm ill I can't spit the real. Some would kill for the life I live, some will build, sacrifice, and win." Think Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out" with more energy.

5. Include YouTube links to each of the songs. If you leave out the links, Chelsea Dagger gets very GRUMPY.


6. Add a little conclusion. Don't just leave them hanging after the last song.

Example: You'd better keep your eyes on Manafest, because he's gonna be getting HUGE soon, I can tell. 'Cause he can't stop the chase.

7. Send! And you're done!

There you have it, guys--the simple guide to writing a Hit List. Now show me what you got! Send your articles to and watch the magic happen!

WHO'S FIRST?! We want to see ALL your Hit Lists, butts (even if they're about One Direction)! And now you have no excuse not to write one; Metalhead's given you the perfect guide!

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