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19 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

19 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

Daylight Savings Time is amazing! It means we have an extra hour of sunlight every single day. So, what are you gunna do with it?

Uh huh, I thought you’d come up blank. Thank goodness SparkLife is here to help you with some suggestions on how to spend that extra hour every day.

1. Plant a gnome garden by burying your garden gnomes.

2. Build a sun dial out of Dial soap bars.

3. Turn yourself into a human burrito with a bedsheet for a tortilla and mop heads for cheese.

4. Ask Siri what the meaning of life is, over and over and over again.

5. Sit on your front porch dressed like an old person and yell at the neighborhood kids for trampling your petunias.

6. Staple playing cards to the outside of your house and tell everyone you live in a house of cards.

7. Begin training for the 100 meter jam spread in the Grape Jelly Summer Olympics in Ogallala, Nebraska.

8. Wax your forehead.

9. Vacuum your armpits.

10. Delint your shins.

11. Go out in your backyard and teach yourself the flugelhorn version of “Sorry for Party Rocking” by LMFAO.

12. Flatten your entire penny collection with a box of index cards, a paint brush frozen in a block of ice, and the ghost of your dead goldfish, Mr. James Lipton.

13. Shimmy, then shake.

14. Hoist yourself up to the roof using a pulley and winch.

15. Put your entire front lawn on hydraulics.

16. Form a band, record an album, break up, and go on a reunion tour.

17. Accidentally cook a wealthy socialite’s wedding ring into a batch of donuts which you sell before realizing your mistake, then advertise a reward of fifty thousand dollars for its safe return, which you pay out in Monopoly money and Chucky Cheese tokens.

18. Find yourself in contempt of court.

19. Kick back, relax, and bite into a cold, crisp head o’ broccoli.

What are you going to do with your extra sunshine, Sunshine?

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