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Chelsea Dagger Interviews KATNISS, PEETA, AND GALE.

After 10 years of characters like Lara Croft, action-hero types that were really James Bond as a woman, this was a real woman—how hard did you work to make sure that she stayed a person and wasn't just a bunch of kicks and punches?

That was the beauty of the script—wait, who’s that outside? Is that Ed Helms?

(THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED, SPARKLERS. Whilst I was talking to KATNISS EVERDEEN, Andy from The Office appeared outside the balcony door and started WAVING AT US. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE?! Jennifer was ADORABLY star-struck, blushing and excitedly shrieking “Oh my god he’s looking at me, HA!” She had a Chelsea-Dagger level freak-out, and it just made me love her all the more. After she calmed down, she went back to answering the question, and I went back to scribbling "Mr. Chelsea Lawrence" in my notebook.)

That was the beautiful thing about her in the books and in the script, it was important to keep her vulnerable, I didn’t want anyone watching her in the arena at any point to think that she couldn’t die. I think that keeping that vulnerability and keeping her scared; she’s a young girl that’s in this position, she’s not a Lara Croft or a James Bond who’s done this a million times and knows she’s going to survive; she doesn’t.
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