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Chelsea Dagger Interviews KATNISS, PEETA, AND GALE.

How did you pick up on the book and get involved in the movie?

My friends told me about it, it was actually very popular at school, and so I bought a copy and read it in like a day, and it was just so amazing! And I read through the whole series and I heard they were making a movie, and at first I was like “Oh the movie, I can’t wait to see the movie, I have to buy tickets in advance!” and then I was like “wait a second…Rue…she kinda looks like me!”

So I called my agent and said “Can you just please get me an audition, please, just an audition, it’d be amazing!” and a few weeks later I got an audition. And I practiced my heart out and I actually dressed up as Rue, and I had twigs in my hair, leaves and mud, and I think I made a good first impression with my wardrobe and all, and then I got a call back!

I’m pretty obsessed with the Huger Games. I mean, I was obsessed before I even auditioned, so to actually be a part of it, I can’t even believe it yet, I don’t think I ever will.
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