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Valentine's Day Came and Went, and I'm Still NBK

Valentine's Day Came and Went, and I'm Still NBK

Metalhead gives us a long-overdue update on his LADY situation!--Sparkitors

Been a while, hasn't it, mein freunds? (That's the only German I know, so don't go asking me to say more stuff). We've been rehearsing this daggum musical for TWO MONTHS, and I finally have my character's name: Sir Colgrevance. To quote my friend Alex: "Your parents must have hated you." Why couldn't I have ended up with something cool, like "Dinadan"? THAT's a million times cooler than my unpronounceable name. But this isn't about that. This is, first of all, about the fact that Sir C hasn't received any action quite yet. Keepin' my fingers crossed.

Oh, and correction: Turns out Jessica ISN'T actually in this musical. Sorry about that. A ton of my friends and some, ahem, love interests are in there, though, so it's all good. And I do get to pretend to get creeped on by three different girls during "The Lusty Month Of May", so Sir C does get a bit of fake action. Except two of them are my good friends, so there goes THAT. Oh well.

So, Valentine's Day was somewhat of a letdown. I sent a singing valentine to my English class, and that seemed to go over well (when my teacher got the card, this is what she said: "Oh, this is so sweet! It's to my fourth period English class, and it's IN METALHEAD'S HANDWRITING!"...and so, my head went down on the desk). But I didn't receive any. Which is somewhat disappointing.

Quick recap on the singing valentines: Last year, I tried to send one, but it only got the "friend" effect, if you read my first post. I couldn't really send one to any of the people I really wanted to, because they're all in Chorus and were DELIVERING the valentines, so I kind of got left in the dust there.

But don't call this a pity party;  I'm hanging in there! In fact, my second semester English class has a new girl in it who I'm developing a crush on, so I'll keep you posted about that! In the meantime, I'm still writing and recording songs and basically just being myself. These are some pretty butt-kickin' love songs that have come out of my mind lately, so I might be able to use one of those to achieve my nefarious goal...muahaha.

I shall respond to a comment now:

Arcadefire6283: "Go up to a girl and be like "thine legs must be tired because you've been running throughth my head all knight" and then she'll be like "you, sir, are as smooth as your armor". I'm telling you it's gold!"

That is pure genius. I might try that on one of the "May" girls while we're pretending to chat while Guenevere is singing during that number...hmm.

That's all I have right now. But I've got a feeling things are going to happen soon, so stay tuned!


We feel like Sir C has got a lot of potential. And we want to hear more about this new English class crush! How should Metalhead go about getting to know her?

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