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The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Profile Pictures for GUYS

The Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Profile Pictures for GUYS

twodoorcinemaclub has some VERY important tips for all you Manklers. Step away from the camera and LISTEN UP.--Sparkitors

In some ways, Facebook is very unfair. I (and I'm assuming my fellow lady Sparklers as well) pick profile pictures fairly easily; I'll look through my photos until I find a flattering one, and that's that. Maybe some girls make different faces at their iPhone camera until they get a pic that's decent enough to be Photoshopped and put up for all of the world to see, but overall, the consensus among us ladies is that we just want to have a pic that we look pretty in.

But for boys, it's a different story altogether. Put the wrong picture up, and you could look like a total tool or a self-obsessed goober. It's just not as simple for guys, and I want to help them out. So, without further ado, here is my list of the do's and don'ts for Manklers' FB profile pictures:

DON'T: Picture in the Mirror. The most obnoxious, cliche, and lame thing on FB (for boys and girls alike) are the profile pics that are taken in the mirror. WHY?! Is it really so cripplingly difficult to just turn the camera around? Don't worry, you can still see yourself in the mirror! The most pathetic thing about these is that when you see them you can't help but imagine this person posing in their bathroom alone all night attempting to look cute. Please people, just stop.

DO: Picture of You in Action! Do you play football? Have piano recitals? Mountain bike? Fantastic! Whatever your hobby is, I'm sure there are some pretty sweet pictures of you doing it, either taken by friends, family, or maybe even the yearbook. It shows that you are passionate about something. And that, boys, is hot!

DON'T: Picture With Shirt Off. Pictures of you posing alone with your shirt off, flexing your muscles AREN'T CUTE. It's not that I don't appreciate your perfectly toned body, it's just that trying too hard is one of the biggest turn-offs. Candid photos of you at the beach with friends, in which you happen to have your shirt off, are totally OK. It's the blatant "I think I'm sexy, so you should too" pictures that really get to me. And please, oh please, do not commit the biggest of all blunders, the mother of all Facebook faux pas, the PHOTOGRAPH IN THE MIRROR WITH THE SHIRT OFF. If you have done this, delete all traces, and hopefully one day those who have seen it will begin to forgive you.

DO: Picture of You With Friends! Next time you go to a basketball game, skiing, or TPing with your friends (just kidding), take some pictures. A picture of you and your friends with paint all over your faces in your school's colors is great! Pics like this show that you have friends, a life, and like to have fun. And who doesn't want to be friends with that guy?

DON'T: Picture of Something Other Than Yourself. I see these every once in a while, and when I do, I automatically dislike the guy. If you have a profile picture of a character from a video game, some annoying internet meme, or your favorite logo, please change it. I mean, it's Facebook. Did you catch that? Facebook. If you don't have a pic of yourself, it only causes me to think that you must be insecure. People aren't going to want to be your friend if you won't even show your face. For all they know, you could be a 40-year-old man trying to become friends with as many teenagers as possible to make up for all your friendless years in high school. Just saying.

DO: A Picture of You With Your Girlfriend. Woah! Slow down there, muchacho! Before you go and put up that picture of you and your SO sharing a passionate beso de frances (Yes, I did just say French kiss in Spanish), read on! I'm referring to a nice innocent photo, i.e. you and her posing on Halloween dressed as Ron and Hermoine, or holding hands and looking out over some majestic view, or simply smiling at the camera with your adorable faces pressed against each other! When I see a pic like this, I think the guys just seems so sweet!

Whether you're frantically changing your current profile picture right now, or smiling to yourself, comforted by the fact that you've had great pro pics for years, I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it will help you make educated decisions about future pics. Good Luck!

So guys, are you guilty of any of these faux-pas? Any Manklers out there want to write a Dos and Don'ts post for GIRLS on FB? Sparklers, what kind of profile pics do you love/hate?

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