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Who Was Your Best Dressed at the Oscars?


Today, Sparkledweeblings, I was minding my own business, scouring endless photos of Oscar dresses and munching loudly on wasabi peas (3 different people told me to chew with my mouth closed, and I was like "BUTTEVER, I DO WHAT I WANT") when I upended an entire bottle of water on my keyboard and DESTROYED TECHNOLOGY FOREVER. Should I have simply given up, forsaken all my earthly possessions, and walked glumly back to the swamp where I reside? Of course. But I knew you guys were waiting with bated breath for an Oscars fashion show, and so I persevered. 5 hours and 3 keyboards later: VICTORY. You better love this slideshow like it's your very own Logan Lerman robot, butts, because my eyes cried actual TEARS to get this done for you (usually they just cry sweat, which is actually more painful). And now: ON WITH THE SHOW.
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