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Flyergirl Dominates the Google "D" List

Flyergirl Dominates the Google "D" List

Flyergirl presents the latest installment in her hilarious "Google How To" series!—Sparkitors

"D" is such an interesting letter, wouldn't you agree? I feel kind of bad for it, because you always recite your ABCs, never your ABCDs. I mean, X doesn't feel left out, because it knew it was too far behind to be included. But poor D only just missed the cut-off point. Kind of depressing, when you think about it. Letters have feelings too!

I propose we form a "D Support Group" to express our sympathy for poor D's plight.  Who's with me?!

...No one?  Oh. Okay then. Well, D and I are going to go see a movie without you jerks. Over and out. I'll let my friend E write the rest.

How to Draw
Okay, friends.  Drawing time. Take out your pencil and paper. Wands away, please.

First, you draw a simple shape. Draw it lightly, because you'll have to erase it later. Next, draw something around it. Erase original shape.  Add detail. Erase. Shade. Erase some stuff. Now, call up the Louvre and ask if they have any space right next to Mona (Ms. Lisa and I are on a first-name basis).

Finally, weigh your eraser shavings and sigh about the rainforest that was destroyed to create that amount of rubber. Reject modern society and go live in the Minnesotan wildnerness.

And, that, my friends, is how to draw.  Follow each step carefully, or you'll never get it right.

How to Delete Facebook
This one is so easy. Have Facebook meet you at your house. Call up your good friend The Doctor, who will come to your house with a Cyberman. Who will then delete Facebook. Simple as that, and Facebook will never see it coming.

How to Download YouTube Videos
I wouldn't know anything about how to do that. *looks around nervously*  Piracy and downloading videos is wrong. That's theft! Speaking of piracy, I am the only one who thinks Darren Criss looks freaking adorable with an eyepatch?

How to Deactivate Facebook
Ooh, this one is tricky. You can't use the same strategy as last time, because as far as I know, The Doctor's friends are only good at deleting and exterminating, not deactivating. Bummer.

However, I have another solution, once again involving robotic friends. Just give Facebook a plant. Facebook will then enter a deactivated coma-like state, waiting until they can bring the plant to the Axiom. At this point, feel free to do whatever you like with Deactivated Facebook. This may include, but is not limited to, decorating Facebook with Christmas lights, watching the sunset, and getting your fingers squished when you try to hold hands. Or am I confusing Facebook with an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator?

WE DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THOSE WORDS MEAN. But we are definitely excited to try out these drawing instructions. Does anyone know how to delete Facebook?

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